If your CRM function is in throes of change, you might need a CRM capabilities model to anchor your CRM transformation.  But before we delve into the reasons you will need a CRM capabilities model (or alternatively a CRM Capability Map), let’s define what it is: A CRM business capabilities model is a decomposition of customer relationship management function into a logical grouping of ever granular components representing elemental building blocks.  Click to find a detailed definition of a CRM business capabilities model.

Seven reasons your company needs a CRM Capabilities Model:

  1. Hyper-competition, rising customer expectations, and digital technologies are putting more demands on the CRM function. So, to succeed in this era of mega shifts, a CRM business capabilities map will help in getting your arms around what CRM does and have a structural basis to deal with change.
  2. A CRM capabilities model can help in translating the CRM strategy into action – at the process, people, and technology level.
  3. Based on capability prioritization and importance, budgets can be allocated to where CRM can move the needle for the enterprise. CRM is the epicenter of the customer-centric revolution.
  4. We are in the era of a real-time enterprise.  To foster a real-time enterprise, CRM function needs to perform the browser to buyer and prospect to customer value streams expeditiously and support interactions and transactions. Knowing what capabilities need to be real time or near real time will allow adequate technology enablement and process improvements.
  5. Business and technology do not speak the same language. A CRM business capability map can be the common lingua franca bridging the communication gap.
  6. CRM transformation projects without a capability model as a foundation tend to veer toward a bunch of projects with a disparate set of requirements. A capability-based transformation roadmap helps provide the guard rails and guideposts for the implementation.
  7. A CRM capability model helps in conducting a capability-based vendor evaluation for the CRM functions.

Do you have a CRM business capability map? How else have you used it in your CRM transformation and optimization?

If you need a pre-built, customizable CRM capabilities model, please consider CIOPages.com accounting and CRM business capability model.  If you need help customizing the capability map, please contact CIOPages.com consulting services.

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