BI Transformation Definition:

BI Transformation Definition: defines BI Transformation as a foundational change encompassing one or more of the following:

  • Re-envisioning what BI means in the digital age
  • Rethinking the Analytics Operating Model
  • Restructuring the analytics organization and roles
  • Re-engineering of the core analytics generation processes
  • Additions and enhancements to BI capabilities
  • And very often the re-platforming of the Big data and Business Intelligence systems.


BI Capabilities Impacted by the Transformation:

BI transformation impacts one or more of the following BI capabilities.

  • Business Intelligence strategy
  • Data Management
  • Analytics and Algorithms
  • Dashboards
  • Interactive Reporting
  • In-Memory Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Self-Service Reporting


BI Transformation Definition and Scope:

BI transformation encompasses several of the following areas, typically accomplished in concert, and detailed in a Business Intelligence Transformation Roadmap, to leapfrog the analytics function to the next level.

Business Intelligence Transformation Definition and Scope

  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Analytics Operating Model
  • Business Intelligence Capabilities
  • BI Team Structure and Roles
  • Analytics Processes
  • BI and Analytics Self Service
  • BI Technology Platforms
  • BI Data Management
  • Security and Controls


BI Transformation Process:

An outline of the Business Intelligence Transformation Process:

 BI Transformation Process

Alternative Names:

Business Intelligence Transformation, BI Transformation, Analytics Transformation

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BI Transformation Tools and Templates:


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