CRM Transformation Definition:  CRM Transformation is a foundational change encompassing the re-envisioning of customer-centricity in the digital age, rethinking the customer operating model, restructuring the sales and service organizations, re-engineering of the core customer-centric processes, additions and enhancements to CRM capabilities, and very often the re-platforming of the CRM systems.

CRM Capabilities Impacted by the Transformation:

CRM transformation impacts one or more of the following CRM business capabilities.

  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Management
  • Help Desk/Service Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Forecasting

The scope of the CRM Transformation:

CRM transformation encompasses several of the following areas, typically accomplished in concert, and detailed in a CRM Transformation Roadmap, to leapfrog the customer relationship management function to the next level.

CRM Transformation Definition and Scope

  • Customer Strategy
  • CRM Operating Model
  • CRM Capabilities
  • CRM Structure and People
  • CRM Processes
  • Customer Self Service
  • CRM Technology Platforms
  • CRM Data
  • Governance and Controls


CRM Transformation Process:

An outline of the CRM Transformation Process:


CRM Transformation Process

CRM Transformation Process

Alternative Names:

Customer Relationship Management Transformation, Customer Transformation, Sales and Service Transformation

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CRM Transformation Tools and Templates:

  • untitled-2-copy

    CRM Business Capability Model

    CRM Business Capability Model: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Functional Business Capability Model is a comprehensive, industry-agnostic, multi-purpose Customer Relationship Management functional area business capability model. CIO CRM business capability model spans all key areas of CRM...
  • CRM Business Requirements

    CRM Business Requirements

    CIOPages CRM Business Requirements (or CRM Software Requirements) deliverable is a comprehensive, industry-agnostic, multi-purpose business requirements matrix. The customizable CRM Business Requirements list is a starting point for any enterprise CRM transformation, including detailed business requ...
  • crm-vendor-evaluation-matrix-ciopages-product-description-20161123-done

    CRM Software Vendor Evaluation Matrix

    CRM Software Vendor Evaluation Matrix is a spreadsheet which can be used to assess potential CRM vendors. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software vendors galore – from full-fledged platforms to niche point solutions. Who’s right for you? This CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix ena...
  • Sale! Untitled-2 copy

    CRM Transformation Change Management Plan CRM Transformation Change Management Plan is a customizable deliverable outlining the concepts and specific action plans required to implement change management plans as a part of significant process re-engineering or systems implementation in the CRM function. The CRM Transformation Ch...
    $149.00$499.00 $99.00$299.00
  • crm-business-case-and-roadmap-product-description

    CRM Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

    CRM Transformation Strategy and Roadmap is a proforma deliverable which companies can customize to their needs. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) transformation has become a strategic imperative for many businesses, based in part due to changing customer preferences and expectations, as well as...
  • CRM Transformation Toolkit

    Customer Relationship Transformation Toolkit

    Customer Relationship Transformation Toolkit Consultancy Edition is a comprehensive and in-depth set of deliverables which can be can be used by any enterprise embarking on a CRM transformation, and customize to their unique needs. What do I get in a Customer Relationship Transformation Toolkit? CIO...