HR Transformation Definition: defines HR Transformation as a foundational change encompassing one or more of the following:

  • Re-envisioning employee-centricity in the digital age
  • Rethinking the human resources operating model
  • Restructuring the human resources organization
  • Re-engineering of the core employee processes
  • Additions and enhancements to HR capabilities
  • And very often the re-platforming of the HR systems.


HR Capabilities Impacted by the Transformation:

HR transformation impacts one or more of the following HR business capabilities.

  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Profile Database
  • Benefits Administration
  • Compensation
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Employee Development, Training and Talent Management
  • Succession Management
  • Payroll
  • Employee Experience Management


The HR Transformation Definition and Scope:

HR transformation encompasses several of the following areas, typically accomplished in concert, and detailed in an HR Transformation Roadmap, to leapfrog the Human Resources function to the next level.

HR Transformation Definition and Scope

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Operating Model
  • HR Capabilities
  • HR Structure and Roles
  • HR Processes
  • Employee Self Service
  • HR Technology Platforms
  • HR Data Management
  • Governance and Controls



HR Transformation Process:

An outline of the HR Transformation Process:


HR Transformation Process

HR Transformation Process Steps

Alternative Names:

Human Resources Transformation, HR Transformation, Employee Experience Transformation, HRIS Transformation, HRMS Transformation

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HR Transformation Tools and Templates:

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    Human Resources Operating Models Human Resources Operating Models is a conceptual framework that addresses some possible operating models that may be suitable for a company, based on a variety of internal and external factors, as well as the strategic intent and operational considerations. What do I get? A PowerPoint p...
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    Human Resources Transformation Change Management Plan Human Resources Transformation Change Management Plan is a customizable deliverable outlining the concepts and specific action plans required to implement change management plans as a part of significant process re-engineering or systems implementation in the HR function. The Human Reso...
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    Human Resources Transformation Project Workstreams and Roles

    Human Resources Transformation Project Workstreams and Roles: Human Resources Transformation Project Workstreams and Roles is a proforma deliverable about a possible project structure, which can be customized to a firm’s needs. One of the critical components of any project success is the team stru...
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    Human Resources Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

    Human Resources Transformation Strategy and Roadmap: HRIS/HRMS (Human Resources Information Systems or Human Resources Management Systems) transformation has become a strategic imperative for many companies. Two factors are driving this change: a) the growing importance of employees as the greatest ...
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    Human Resources Value Streams Human Resources Value Streams (or HR Value Streams) deliverable captures the end-to-end activity flow in the Human Resources functional area. For example, Requisition to Hire, or Hire to Retire. These HR Value Streams offer a structural basis to map and define/redefine a stakeholder exp...