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Transform Your Enterprise Into an Algorithmic Business

Algorithmic business is more than just the future of successful enterprise. Algorithmic business is already here, and enterprises that fail to adapt to this reality run the risk of being left behind by competitors that make the transition. To understand why algorithmic business is here, consider the following. By 2020,

Data Lakes: Reconsider How You Store (un)Structured Data

Data Lakes are a new way to store both structured and unstructured data. Companies began talking about "Big Data" for at least 10 years, so why hasn't anyone nailed the ideal way to capture, organize, retrieve, visualize and analyze data? The 3 V's of Big Data--high volume, high velocity and

Big Data Overview

(Big Data Overview is a part of resource hub on business intelligence and data analytics transformation in large enterprises.} Big Data is a big deal. It is the new “Plastics!”. Do you feel that your business is inundated on a daily basis with massive amounts of data – structured,

HR Analytics Overview

Talk to any top-level HR executives in any large organizations, HR Analytics and the concept of data mining is becoming a hot trend. However, the proper and adequate usage of big data and generating HR Analytics is far more than searching through lots and lots of files and data. Instead,

Leveraging Analytics in Human Resources Processes

Is your company leveraging analytics in human resources processes, a big part of the human resources transformation?  Big Data has been an overused buzzword over the past several years. Companies are starting to use analytics to improve processes throughout their organization, such as marketing and operations. Unfortunately, HR is one

Optimizing the Omni-Channel Experience

Optimizing the Omni-channel experience is not an easy task. Examples galore where major companies fail to provide the level of omni-channel experience many digitally savvy customers expect. A globalized economy pushes competition to new heights. While this is often good for consumers, it forces major businesses to face new challenges

Next Generation Business Intelligence and Analytics

It's time for next generation business intelligence and analytics. For many years, companies have relied upon business intelligence (BI) to drive the direction of strategy and discover opportunities based on past data. However, in today’s lightening-paced, data-driven marketplace, conventional BI frequently moves too slowly. Now with the continued expansion of

Integrating Disparate Data Structures to Drive Customer Experience Excellence

Without integrating disparate data structures, it is pretty much impossible to drive customer experience excellence, particularly in an omnichannel world. Customers today have a high expectation of the companies that they do business with on a regular basis. While nearly everyone that you ask will say that they find data

Drones as a Service, Gathering Fuel for Big-Data

Drones as a Service has arrived! Drones zipping through the air, delivering packages their recipients haven’t even purchased yet- that’s a fairly clichéd projection of how UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology and Big Data and analytics will merge in the future to revolutionize not only online retail but many other

Data Driven IT Strategy Enhances Operational Efficiency

Are you using a data driven IT strategy to enhance operational efficiency? New generations of data analytics and SaaS provide companies with the ability to make better real-time decisions and more effectively collaborate with partners. Below are just a few of the ways in which a data driven IT strategy