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Change Management in the Digital Age

Change Management in the digital age is challenging as the digital realities are forcing companies to change more frequently and the transformations are more substantive and significant. In addition, the digital age has changed the way we live, work, network, learn, and unlearn. Hence, there is a need to think Change Management Framework Change Management Framework is a simple and yet a comprehensive metamodel that will allow an enterprise to plan and execute a change effort during a transformation endeavor. Change Management Framework is meant as a lightweight and modular set of activities for transformations in the digital age, where agility,

Change Management Roadblocks

The most prominent change management roadblocks are not necessarily about the frameworks, plans, and procedures but the mindset of people, the prevalent psyche, and popular folklore. Deep-rooted objections are the most significant impediment to change management.  To address and mitigate the change management roadblocks, it is essential to know what are

Change Management Reality Check

Enterprise transformations result in tremendous challenges and here is a change management reality check.  In fact, change management should begin much before the actual transformation starts by delving deep into the rationale and preparedness for the impending change, and goes beyond the initial change implementation by analyzing the efficacy of

The Top 7 Change Management Barriers

Understanding the critical change management barriers will help corporate leaders anticipate and mitigate the factors that typically derail any change effort.  As we all know, change management is hard, mainly when it is not a step-function, but indeed a transformational leap. Most transformations fail or underperform when compared to the

The Change Management Secret

Here's the change management secret you will need to know to be successful in managing change during significant enterprise transformations.  It all boils down to WIIF (What's in it for...).  Yes, that's it.  Let's dig in. While there are a lot of change management theories and change management models and

CEO as the Change Management Leader

CEO as the Change Management Leader is a strategic imperative for companies that are in the middle of a massive transformation and where change is the only constant.  Today, change is coming from every direction - economic, social, cultural, technological, ecological, and demographics. Hence, change management no longer is a