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Transforming Customer Experience – 9 Steps to Success

Transforming customer experience is the nirvana and holy grail of digital transformation. While it is easy to want to optimize user experience, it not that simple or straightforward. Let’s first establish what is not transforming the customer experience: Nicely designed web pages are not customer experience. Don’t get us wrong!

The HR Digital Revolution

The HR digital revolution is here and now. Hitherto, HR was deemed a cost center and was perhaps one of the last in line for any significant investment or transformation. The digital revolution taking place across the enterprise value chain has indeed affected the staid old world of Human Resources

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience strategy (CX Strategy) involves defining the foundational building blocks of who the customer segments are, their preferences and proclivities, how they wish to engage and transact, and based on such data, formulating a game plan on how to engage with the customers (and prospects) across channels and shape

Digital Business Transformation Building Blocks

Why should you care about digital business transformation building blocks? Well, if you are an executive at any firm, the pressure to go digital is coming from all quarters. Digital, alas, is the new “Plastics.” So, today we have all been conditioned to think going digital is a strategic imperative

Digital Customer Engagement

Digital customer engagement is the art, science, and technologies involved in optimizing the physical and virtual interactions and transactions with prospects, customers, and other valuable stakeholders. Innovative technologies like big data analytics, chatbots, guided self-service, augmented and virtual reality, and IVR (interactive voice response) are used to elevate and enhance

Digital Transformation of Products and Services

Why do you need to think about the digital transformation of products and services? Selling your existing products in the digital channels is one challenge, but in the dot com and the web2.0 era, most companies have achieved this e-commerce capability – to some extent or the other. When competing