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Accounting and Finance Transformation Goals and Objectives

What are your firm’s Accounting and Finance Transformation Goals and Objectives? How do you actually determine what are the right goals and objectives to target while considering a Finance transformation? If you are in the process of taking on the challenges of a finance and accounting transformation, then check out

Accounting and Finance Transformation Framework Accounting and Finance Transformation Framework is a simple and cohesive approach to planning and executing a fundamental shift in how finance and accounting works. Before we dissect the components of the Accounting and Finance Transformation Framework briefly, please also note that offers a Finance and Accounting Transformation Toolkit,

The Top Ten Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers

Let’s look at some key external Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers. Today, the function of finance is in the throes of significant internal and external pressures. Understanding the external drivers necessitating finance and accounting transformation will help companies frame the context better. Uncertainty: Economic, currency and political uncertainty are causing

Finance and Accounting Transformation Vision

The Finance and Accounting Transformation vision is a fundamental rethinking and reimagination of the finance function to support the modern business environment powered by digital technologies. The era of finance being a purely back office function is history. Today, finance and accounting transformation vision, in progressive enterprises, the world over,

Finance and Accounting technology trends and implications for Enterprises

Finance and Accounting Technology Trends: The future of finance and accounting is going to be greatly affected by technological changes. The implications of these are significant, and enterprises that do not consider these implications carefully and plan for them may be left behind their competitors. As such, CFOs and CIOs

Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers

What are the internal challenges which act as a clear and compelling set of Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers? Here is a long list of such internal accounting and finance transformation drivers. Of course, not all the things are applicable to every company that is in the throes of turmoil

Finance and Accounting Software Implementation Considerations

Finance and Accounting Software Implementation Considerations:  As your company implements new financial or accounting software, it embarks on a transformation that goes beyond the software itself. This sort of organizational shift comes with an array of implementation challenges, but if you understand the main challenges, it's relatively easy to avoid

Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers

Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers What Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers will necessitate a systems replacement and process reengineering? Finance and Accounting function is a cornerstone of your business operations. How do you know if and when it is time for a Finance and Accounting transformation? Here are a few

Finance and Accounting Systems in the Cloud

Finance and Accounting Systems in the Cloud are the new wave of ERP systems that companies the world over are embracing. To satisfy a pressing need for transformation of the finance function, a new wave of finance systems, like NetSuite and Workday, which are cloud-based solutions, have emerged. These systems

Finance and Accounting Transformation Approach

Finance and Accounting Transformation Approach: As the economic climate continues to evolve and expand and become dynamic, so does the need for finance and accounting transformation. When embarking on Finance and Accounting transformation, it is of the utmost importance that CFOs stick to a strict implementation strategy to help ensure