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Human Resources Software Replacement

Human Resources Software Replacement - Transformation Drivers Human Resources software replacement is an ardous task with significant implications that reverberate across the enterprise.  The HR function is a cornerstone of enterprise business operations, particularly in a highly competitive landscape for talent. How do you know if and when it is time for

Human Resources Digital Transformation

Why embark on a Human Resources Digital Transformation? The question is elemental. Today, more than ever, the employees (and prospects) are the customers of HR and the customer-first philosophy engendered by broader societal trends and enabled by digital technology has arrived to the human resources function. All things being equal,

Designing Next Generation Human Resources Function in Large Enterprises

Redesigning the Next Generation Human Resources Function: Large businesses in every industry are finding that traditional and process-oriented approaches to human resources are no longer up to the task of dealing with the needs of the modern workforce. The few innovative brands that are taking steps towards adopting integrated HR

HR Transformation Roadmap

What is a Human Resources or HR Transformation Roadmap? An HR Transformation Roadmap is a step-by-step navigation to get your enterprise from the point of departure to the point of arrival, by taking a set of actions, implementing some activities and achieving some outcomes, in a planned sequential manner. HR

The HR Digital Revolution

The HR digital revolution is here and now. Hitherto, HR was deemed a cost center and was perhaps one of the last in line for any significant investment or transformation. The digital revolution taking place across the enterprise value chain has indeed affected the staid old world of Human Resources

HR Transformation Strategy and Planning

Human Resources or HR Transformation Strategy and Planning has taken center stage in recent years across the global in mid-to-large enterprises. Hitherto, companies focused on HRMS (Human Resources Management Systems) or HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions because they had to, not necessarily because they wanted to invest and upgrade HR

Human Resources Transformation Trends

Human Resources Transformation Trends are factors that are necessitating changes to the way HR works a strategic imperative and driving the agenda. There is no question that there is a significant amount of attention on human resources management and how to get it up to speed with what modern enterprises

HR Business Capability Model

HR Business Capability Model is an essential tool in transforming the Human Resources function in the digital age. A map of HR capabilities can be the foundation of the process to identify the desired state of HR function and align them to business capabilities. Here is a basic overview to

HR Analytics Overview

Talk to any top-level HR executives in any large organizations, HR Analytics and the concept of data mining is becoming a hot trend. However, the proper and adequate usage of big data and generating HR Analytics is far more than searching through lots and lots of files and data. Instead,

Human Resources Transformation Framework Human Resources Transformation Framework is a simple and cohesive approach to conceptualizing, planning and executing a core shift in how Human Resources function shall operate in the future. Before we delve into the components of the Human Resources Transformation Framework briefly, please also note that offers a several