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Marketing Automation and Systems Transformation Drivers

Marketing Automation and Systems Transformation Drivers Marketing – direct, indirect, inbound and outbound – is a key function and a cornerstone of enterprise success. But in many companies marketing is replete with challenges such as silos, lack of automation, and spreadsheets. Today, many companies are embarking on marketing process automation

Marketing Automation Software: March to the Cloud

Legacy marketing systems and service providers are falling behind. There are new SaaS marketing automation software leaders, including Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Adobe Cloud, and Salesforce. These marketing automation software platforms have becomes powerhouses. They have firmly grasped the title of “disruptor” by developing new or migrating old services to the

Marketing Transformation Imperatives and Drivers

In the digital era, marketing transformation remains a key driving force behind enterprise-level strategic growth. What external and internal drivers or imperatives are necessitating this transformational approach? External Marketing Transformation Imperatives Channel threads that literally touch every aspect of consumer life connect the digital landscape. Your goal, as a marketing

Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing in a Nutshell

Here are some not so hard and fast rules for social media marketing and digital marketing. Social media marketing always exists within the realm of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be conducted simultaneous or individually on a number of social media platforms. You should always tailor your digital marketing message

An Overview of Marketing Transformation

Has your organization undergone a marketing transformation? Most CMOs define marketing transformation as assessment and implementation designed to engage all facets of the enterprise in creating unified marketing opportunities across digital channels. Marketing transformation reengineers processes to facilitate and manage inbound and outbound marketing. This may requires= a complete review

Marketing Transformation Approach

Marketing transformation approach integrates people, processes, and technology to create an enterprise-wide “marketing machine.” In order to stay competitive in today’s evolving markets, marketing strategies must review the blueprint of key operational processes to create approaches/frameworks for a global rollout of a true marketing transformation. Marketing Model Definition -- Key

Marketing Transformation Strategy

Marketing Transformation Strategy is the vision, approach, and game plan to revolutionize enterprise marketing function by re-envisioning the value drivers, re-engineering the processes, and re-architecting the systems. Market Transformation Strategy is primarily focused on the business transformation of the marketing function. The transformation of marketing function is not about bolting