Change Management focuses on change management as a cornerstone of enterprise transformation and offers pre-built, and customizable Change Management Tools and Templates.

Change Management, particularly in today’s day and age, where rising stakeholder expectations, a furious pace of change, and a dizzying array of technologies are the norm, is the real make or break capability. Change Management Tools and Templates enable faster time to value by providing a set of professionally crafted, and customizable deliverables.  Companies can use the deliverables as a base and tailor the content to make it their own or use it as a reference point to refine their existing deliverables.

The core rationale for these deliverables is based on the premise that Change Management is a universal discipline where best practices, principles, and perspectives can be codified as general purpose artifacts. Moreover, there is no value for companies reinventing the wheel by developing these change management tools and templates from scratch. Change Management Framework is the foundation of many of the Change Management Tools and Templates. However, there are a few general purpose deliverables.

Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.
Alvin Toffler prices are affordable and considering the ROI (Return on Investment), using the change management tools and templates is a no-brainer.  Purchasing these customizable deliverables allows for project teams to focus on other priorities, obviates the blank slate syndrome, and accelerates time to value. If you think about it, the price is less than the cost of assembling a cross-functional into a room for just an hours brainstorming.

Please check out the following change management tools and templates. If we are missing something, please do let us know. Moreover, of course, we offer professional services to customize the content and accelerate the final delivery.

  • Change Management Plan Template

    Change Management Plan Template Change Management Plan template outlines the table of contents which should be a part of a standard enterprise transformation change management plan. The change management plan template includes all key headers, and subheadings, and brief instructions/hints on what content to draft. Wha...
  • Change management stakeholder analysis

    Change Management Stakeholder Analysis

    Change Management is a crucial lynchpin for the success of any transformation, and a Change Management Stakeholder Analysis is a critical tool to evaluate the state of mind, power, influence, and support for the impending change. There are various stakeholders for any significant enterprise transfor...
  • Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template

    Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template

    Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template is a simple and easy to use the artifact to document the personalities, preferences, and predilections of the stakeholders who are impacted by any transformational change. The personas help in planning and executing a change management program efficien...
  • Change Management Vision Template

    Change Management Vision Template

    Enterprise transformations require a robust change management effort, a change management vision template is a simple, but powerful tool for encapsulating the core message to the company at large. The Change Management Vision Template is an artifact for a specific and defined transformation, not the...