Marketing Transformation HubMarketing Transformation Hub is a treasure trove of insights, information, tools, and templates for practitioners involved in transforming the marketing function. Marketing Transformation is all about orchestrating multi-dimensional marketing activities leveraging the established and emerging channels, and more importantly relying on data to influence the strategy and measure the outcomes. With the advent of so-called SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) stack, marketing technologies have catapulted from disparate repositories and disjointed workflows to become an integrated platform for crafting, launching, and measuring all aspects of marketing management. Please bookmark Marketing Transformation Hub.

An overview of Marketing Transformation

Has your organization undergone a marketing transformation or is considering one? If so, you have come to the right place. marketing transformation hub will help you plan and execute a marketing transformation program. Most CMOs define marketing transformation as assessment, gap analysis, and implementation of systems and processes designed to engage all facets of the enterprise in creating unified marketing opportunities across digital channels. Marketing transformation reengineers processes to facilitate and manage inbound and outbound marketing. Given the failure rates of marketing transformation programs, learning as much as you want, planning well and executing flawlessly is the key to success. Read more about an overview of marketing transformation.

Transformation Topics