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Computer Vision and Applications

Ciopages Staff Writer Aug 12, 2022

In his novel 'I, Robot,' science fiction writer Isaac Asimov predicted that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) would be banned from the Earth in the year 2030. With a decade left to go, his prediction doesn't look like it could be much further from the truth. AI has become mainstream of everyday life. An increasingly vast amount of data that is forecast to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025 is helping us make sense of even the most complex of processes. Algorithms driven by AI have become standard, with Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google, amongst others, leading the way with personalization and recommendation engines. According to Netflix, 75% of what users watch comes from AI-generated suggestions. The majority of AI solutions on the market today use machine learning, an application of AI, which predicts future actions from past experiences (data). However, the inherent problem wit...


AI in Financial Services

Ciopages Staff Writer
Jul 09, 2020

AI in financial services is emerging as a transformational technology, even though several hurdles remain for artificial intelligence to flourish in the...


AI in Healthcare

Ciopages Staff Writer
Jul 09, 2020

AI in healthcare is making rapid strides. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since the turn of the Millennium and accelerated exponentially...


IT Strategy View ALL

IT Strategy

Ciopages Staff Writer
May 15, 2019

The Definitive Guide to Developing an IT Strategy and Roadmap Today every company is a technology business or at least a technology-enabled enterprise.  The pervasiveness of IT across all facets of busin...


Healthcare View ALL

Not so new kid on the Digital Health Block

Ciopages Staff Writer Sep 28, 2017

Healthcare is an enormous part of the global economy, and in particular, in the U.S. healthcare spending constitutes nearly a sixth of the economy.  A large market like healthcare, by and large in a state of disarray, and ripe for disruption is a target for many players, both existing, established players in other industries, and emerging players.  Digital health is an area that is a bright spot in the health arena driven by latest digital technologies such as analytics, cloud, social, and of course, mobile. It seems very likely that Apple, and possibly Amazon, will stake a claim for the digital health pie. CB Insights has an in-depth analysis and states: Already Apple has a large market opportunity built in. In the US alone, Apple has over 80M iPhone users, dwarfing the user numbers of any single health insurer. And Apple has another massive advantage over other incumbents...


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CRM Capabilities help guide CRM transformation

Ciopages Staff Writer Apr 08, 2019

The emergence of social, mobile, cloud and analytics are the drivers for a customer-centric digital transformation of the customer relationship management function. CRM capabilities model (or customer relationship management capabilities map) is an essential tool for understanding what CRM functio...


Finance Capabilities

Ciopages Staff Writer Nov 25, 2018

What are Finance Capabilities? Finance capabilities are an abstraction of what accounting and finance function does and can do.  We are using the term “Finance Capabilities” to represent the construct of business capabilities – as in the world of business architecture.  The finance capabili...


Business Requirements View ALL

Finance Business Requirements: Compiling the transformation change needs Sep 25, 2017

Ciopages Staff Writer

Finance Business Requirements is a compilation of a list of accounting and finance needs to enable strategy, structure, process and technology transformation of finance and accounting functions.  As expectations from accounting and finance functions grow exponentially, companies of various size...


Business Requirements Gathering Methods May 10, 2017

Ciopages Staff Writer

The business requirements gathering methods are a dime a dozen, and there is no universal answer to what is right. It is par for the course, and different strokes for different folks. It depends on the SDLC methodology, the type of project, the level of complexity, whether it is buying or building, and...


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