Product Description

Enterprise transformations require a robust change management effort, a change management vision template is a simple, but powerful tool for encapsulating the core message to the company at large.

Change Management Vision Template

The Change Management Vision Template is an artifact for a specific and defined transformation, not the general organizational vision and mission statements, which of course are necessary. There may be times, the transformation shall not be just about a single aspect, but remaking the entire company. In that case, the whole enterprise vision and mission may need to change.

What is Change Management Vision Template? focuses on enabling and accelerating enterprise transformations, and the change management vision template is a concise PowerPoint Template to craft your enterprise change management vision for an impending transformation. The goal of the change vision statement is to establish the rationale for transformation,

The change management vision template comprises of a model with hints/instructions, along with some tenets of a good vision statement. There are also a few examples of useful vision statements to spur inspiration.

Please note that this is a template and your leadership team will need to craft the actual statement and the rationale. also offers a full-fledged Change Management Plans.

Fine Print:

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