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The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers is a Concept Briefing. The concept briefing discusses enterprise messengers, chat apps and chat bots and how they are important in the new digital, omnichannel world as a critical channel to interact with the consumers. The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers concept briefing provides an in-depth overview and an actionable playbook.

Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers

Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers

Why should the C-Suite be concerned about Chat Apps and Messengers?

Agent channels have passed social media regarding usage and provide a more personal means of communication with customers. With numerous chat agents now available, it means multiple potential channels for businesses to reach consumers.

CIOs, business and technology leaders cannot afford to ignore the phenomenon and incorporate these mainstream technologies into the enterprise communication landscape.

What are the Benefits of these new generation channels?

With many chat messengers now available, it means multiple potential channels for businesses to reach consumers. With the recent opening up of some messaging platforms to companies, chatbots have made waves in the tech industry. Chatbots help enacts a human-like conversation with a customer via messenger often using artificial intelligence, and the technology often enables scale to reach many, many consumers. CIOs should consider these channels as viable options to provide for additional means of personalized marketing and an already securely established way for commerce via another channel. The business capabilities and features these channels offer, including many ways to market and interact with customers and enable them to purchase, should be a part of the digital and omnichannel strategy of a CIO.

What is The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers Concept Briefing?

  • The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers is a PowerPoint deck.
  • The content is both in-depth and broad with ~35 well structured and information-rich slides, which you can reuse with or without modifications.

What does it not include?

  • No primary research or original forecasts.
  • No in-depth vendor evaluations or rankings.

The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers: Content Outline

  • Overview of Enterprise Messengers, Chatbots and Chat Apps
  • Market Information and Trends
    1. Ecosystem
    2. Size of Market – Chat Apps are Bigger than Social Network Usage
    3. Chat Messenger Platforms
  • Chat Messenger Enterprise Use Cases
  • What Is a Chatbot & Why Chatbots?
    1. List of Business Use Cases
    2. Benefits
    3. Example of Companies using Chatbots
  • A Playbook and actionable advice for the CIOS


  • As The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers Concept Briefing is a digital product; there are absolutely NO Returns.
  • Depending on your industry, the level of technology-enabled products/services you offer, some or all of the content may or may not be relevant to you.
  • If you are a consultant or a consulting company, there is a different pricing, license, and terms.
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  • This sale does not include implementation help or support. If you need professional services assistance, please contact us.
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What is a CIO Pages Concept Briefing? Concept Briefing is an in-depth and multi-dimensional perspective on a topic of interest to business and technology leaders. The content is less of esoteric theory and more focused on making it an actionable advisory briefing

How is it different than a Research Brief?

More often than not, the Research Briefs are an introduction to a concept, a forecast of where things are going, an analysis of the market structure, or an evaluation of the vendor landscape. A Concept Brief is a result of secondary research and a synthesis and an encapsulation of current thought leadership from across the board to help business and technology leaders get a unified and holistic picture of a topic area with an action orientation.

How do I use the Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps and Messengers Concept Brief?

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Why should I pay when this information is available for free?

Of course, if you search far and wide, the Internet abounds with information. But it takes a lot of time to separate the wheat from the chafe and differentiate the signal from the noise. For executives that don’t have time, the value of the information and knowledge far exceeds the fee for a briefing.

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