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Enterprise CRM Features List

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An Enterprise CRM Features List is a great starting point for team’s that have a current endeavor to transformation the complex and cumbersome legacy CRM systems and are embarking on replacing it with cloud-based next generation CRM systems and process.

The CRM features list can be used in multiple ways: a) In gathering detailed CRM Business Requirements b) In kicking the tires of potential CRM vendors with a CRM features and functionalities to crosscheck their fit with the enterprise needs and c) Offering the CRM transformation project team an opportunity to survey the users and stakeholders about what is in-scope and out of scope, as well as any missing features and functionalities that are unique to the company.

The value of starting out with a CRM feature list is that it cuts down time, helps minimize the brainstorming sessions to conceptualize and create the list, and ensures that the effort expended is on identifying those CRM feature needs that are core to the company.

The enterprise CRM feature list is a list of 40-items that are required for most businesses. Of course, the needs of a B2B CRM features and functionality varies with the needs of a firm focused on B2C CRM features list. So pick the ones that are relevant to you and can build deeper level requirements with these features acting as a guidepost.

You can also find useful features for CRM software tools at and Zoho, among many other CRM Software Tools.

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