Product Description

Finance Transformation Failure Risks makes you aware of what can cause failure and avoid the mistakes. Research has established that most major transformation programs either fail or underperform. A Finance and Accounting Transformation program is no exception from the failure risk. This deliverable identifies and elaborates the factors that might impact a Finance and Accounting Transformation program adversely, and provides ideas on how to mitigate such risks.

Finance Transformation Failure Risks

Finance Transformation Failure Risks

What do I get?

  • Accounting and Finance Transformation Failure Risks is a PowerPoint presentation with 12 pages of information rich content

What does the deliverable cover?

The Accounting and Finance Transformation Failure Risks consists of an overview and outlines a dozen frequent failure risks that affect a Finance and Accounting transformation program.

What does it not include?

  • The Finance Transformation Failure Risks is not a risk management plan. (There is a separate deliverable addressing RAID – (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies.)


  • As the Accounting and Finance Transformation Failure Risks is a digital product, there are absolutely NO Returns.
  • Depending on your industry, the type of solution you are implementing, and the project scope, some or all of the content may or may not be relevant to you.
  • If you are a consultant or a consulting company, there is a different pricing, license, and terms.
  • Sold on an as-is basis and with no warranties
  • This sale does not include implementation help or support. If you need professional services assistance, please contact us.
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How is Finance Transformation Failure Risks useful to us?

Given most significant transformation projects fail or underperform, knowing the highest impact risk factors and mitigation ideas will help you lower the possibility of failure in a Finance and Accounting Transformation program and consequently increase the odds of success.
A handy list with concise and coherent content helps reduce the time and effort it will take to identify the failure factors from scratch. Instead, you can work on how to minimize and mitigate such failure factors.

But, our Company is Unique – will it fit us?

Each company may be different, but at the end, Finance and Accounting is a strategic function and impacts the core operations spanning every aspect of a firm’s business. So, much of the content will be useful to most companies, while the degree of emphasis and applicability may vary.
The CIOPages Finance Transformation Failure Risks will be a starting point to identify the failure factors and then based on what is relevant and applicable to your situation, craft a plan to minimize and mitigate those failure factors.