Product Description

Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations is a list of essential items to be cognizant of during a major SCM systems implementation project. Transforming the supply chain and implementing new systems is an endeavor fraught with several risks and challenges.

Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations

Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations

What do I get?

  • Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations is a PowerPoint presentation with a set of ten key implementation considerations for systems transformation of the Supply Chain.

What do I not get?

  • The deliverable does not address specific solutions and mitigation strategies.


  • As the Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations is a digital product, there are absolutely NO Returns.
  • Depending on your industry, the type of systems involved, and the scope of your transformation, some of the considerations may or may not be relevant to you.
  • If you are a consultant or a consulting company,  there is a different pricing, license, and terms.
  • Sold on an as-is basis and with no warranties
  • This sale does not include implementation help or support. If you need professional services assistance, please contact us.
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Why should I care about Supply Chain Transformation Implementation Considerations?

A million things have to go right before a project is successful, but any one critical issue going awry could derail a Supply Chain Transformation project. That is why knowing significant hurdles helps develop a prudent plan to mitigate the inherent risks.

How should we use the Supply Chain Management Systems Implementation Considerations deliverable?

Review the list of considerations and add/modify to conform to your unique and specific situation. Then incorporate the factors into your overall RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) plan. Also, assigning owners and including specific activities in the project plan will be invaluable in reducing the impact of these key considerations.

Why should I pay for this deliverable?

A consolidated list of key considerations will help your team by not having to conduct an in-depth search across the vast expanse of the internet and then sift thru the good and the bad to pick the items. However, if you are intent, there are a lot of sources to get this information, and some of them are indeed excellent and free. We believe it is a question of how you value curated content and your own time.