Change Management Reality Check

Change Management Reality Check

Enterprise transformations result in tremendous challenges and here is a change management reality check.  In fact, change management should begin much before the actual transformation starts by delving deep into the rationale and preparedness for the impending change, and goes beyond the initial change implementation by analyzing the efficacy of the transformation and the change management efforts.

Hence, if your company is about to begin a significant transformation program, review the questions below and ensure you are able to answer them honestly and coherently.

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

― Eric Hoffer

Change Management Reality Check BEFORE Transformation Begins:

  • Why are we embarking on the Transformation?
  • Is the proposed Transformation in line with the company’s vision, direction, and strategy?
  • What is the extent and magnitude of the intended Transformation?
  • Is the Transformation program justified and does the rationale resonate with the people?
  • Does the business case justify the time, money, effort, and the change management required to make things happen?
  • Is the leadership firmly committed to the transformation and ready for the change management challenges?
  • Does the change fit the culture, values, ideals, and ideas of the company?

Change Management Reality Check AT THE LAUNCH of the Transformation Program?

  • Do we know the key stakeholders impacted by the transformation and the following change management issues and their priorities, preferences, concerns, and aspirations?
  • Have we identified the potential pockets of resistance to the transformation and planned a way to address their FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)?
  • Do we have the leadership commitment to the transformation and the change management challenge?
  • Have we appointed the right team with capacity, competencies, and skills to shepherd the transformation change management program?
  • Do we have a cohesive change management framework and an actionable plan to effectively implement the necessary facets of transformation change efforts?
  • Do we know what success means and ways to measure it?

Have you asked these and other questions while embarking on a transformation and the consequent change management challenges?


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Change Management Reality Check DURING the Transformation Program:

  • Have we initiated and planted the seeds for change management program in all facets of the transformation?
  • Do we have right components with appropriate content, the teams, and the methods of delivery ready to go?
  • Is the change management programs resonating?
  • Are the teams assigned and doing what needs to be done?
  • Are we able to identify the skeptics and convert them to the cause?
  • Are we able to communicate the progress clearly and coherently?
  • Are we celebrating every win and critical milestones?
  • Do have the right mechanism for elevating and escalating the impediments to change management?
  • Do stakeholders still believe in the cause and committed to the change?
  • Is the leadership support for the change firm and ongoing?
  • Are budget allocations sufficient and if not what needs to be done to pay for the additional costs?

Change Management Reality Check AFTER the Transformation Program:

  • Did we implement what we planned?
  • How well did the employees perceive the impact of the change management program?
  • What do the metrics say about the effectiveness and efficiency of the change management program?
  • What worked well and what areas need improvement?
  • What lessons can we learn for next change initiative and what best practices can we carry forward?
  • How do we make change a continuous program rather than an event?

Have you asked these and other questions while embarking on a transformation and the consequent change management challenges?  Asking these and other questions will ensure you are transforming for the right reasons and addressing the change management concepts effectively.

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