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How can CIOPages.com help?

CIOPages.com principals and an extended team of executives, entrepreneurs and consultants have deep and broad experience in various aspects of strategy, operations, consulting, product management, technology and IT enablement.

Types of Work:

The following are typical types of advisory work CIOPages provides:

  • Rapid research
  • Idea Screen
  • Market/Vendor Scan
  • Thought Leadership
  • Proposal Development
  • Value Assessment
  • Framework and Approaches
  • Second Option

Any other “Consulting/Advisory” question/problem you may have!

Our Approach:

  1. Submit a Request with as much detail as possible
  2. We’ll assess viability and value and get back with a quick quote
  3. Finalize scope, deliverable and collect fee
  4. Get to Work and keep you abreast of progress
  5. Interim Deliverable Review (if needed)
  6. Final Results/Deliverable

Nuts and Bolts:

The typical length of these quick advisory assignments ranges from one-hour to several days. We don’t engage in month long negotiations and our goal is not to perpetuate our existence. Almost all work is done remotely.

We are not a full-fledged consulting firm, even though with partnerships we can bring to bear a multi-dimensional team to execute on complex projects.

Please fill out the Advisory Request Form and one of our experts will get back to you with a quick and easy quote to get things done. (Please be aware that we are highly qualified professionals and while we are far cheaper than engaging an elite consulting firm, we are not Free or Cheap.)

Please note that so as to focus on serious requests and spend our effort on delivering client value, we will ignore requests without adequate detail or a work email. We will be happy to sign an NDA if required.

Get Started with a No-Obligation Advisory Services Request

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