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Finance Transformation Project Planning Accelerators

Finance Transformation Project Planning AcceleratorsCIOPages.com is a veritable treasure trove of information, insights, tools, and templates and one our key offerings include enterprise finance transformation project planning accelerators.

The demands on CFOs to elevate their game and the resulting pressures on the CIOs to tech enable the finance function to the modern age is undeniable.  The business and technology transformation of the accounting and finance functions is inevitable and a strategic imperative. No wonder, CFOs, and CIOs are embarking on finance transformation endeavors.

Irrespective of the industry and the specific nature of the transformation rationale, one thing is clear: Finance transformations are mission critical with high failure rates and hence prudent planning and flawless execution are essential considerations.

In today’s age, CFOs and CIOs and the finance transformation project teams need to rethink how they work and develop deliverables. Sitting in conference rooms for countless hours, burning billions of brain cells, and consuming gallons of caffeine is old school.  Instead, it is better to procure a set of customizable finance transformation deliverables and tailor them to what a specific enterprise needs, wants, and aspires.  Imagine the weeks and months of time a well-crafted set of strawman deliverables can achieve, thus accelerating time to value.

“Those that work smart usually evaluate success based on the amount of discretionary time they have to do whatever it is they want to do.  Smart workers don’t focus on inputs they focus on prioritizing in order to achieve the most valuable outputs in the most efficient ways.” Jacob Morgan

What is the point of conducting whiteboard elicitation sessions to solicit the mundane and the routine and wasting the time of accounting and finance SMEs? In contrast, imagine the productivity and value of having a pre-built finance transformation business requirements which will jump-start the requirements gathering process into validation and refinement sessions.

Similarly, imagine the value of a comprehensive finance transformation project checklist?

CIOPages.com offers an affordable and professional set of finance transformation deliverables. Of course, based on the specific circumstances of a company, the gap between current state and the aspirational future state, and the scope/extent of the transformation, the amount of customization will vary. However, in our experience somewhere between 60-75% of the content will be applicable right out of the box, with a further 20-25% involves refinements and tailoring to the company needs, and about 10% or so new stuff to truly reflect the firm in question.

The demands on CFOs to elevate their game and the resulting pressures on the CIOs to tech enable the finance function to the modern age is undeniable. 

If the future state mantra of your accounting and finance teams is “work smart, not necessarily hard,” then you must consider CIOPages.com Finance Transformation Project Planning Accelerators as a working smart side of the equation.  The transformation program costs millions of dollars, and for a fraction of the cost, you will be able to mitigate some risks, accelerate deliverables, and increase the chances of success. The ROI, for those of you finance geeks, is off the charts:-)

What are you waiting for?  If you have questions, concerns, or need clarifications regarding CIOPages.com finance transformation project planning accelerators, please do contact us.


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