CRM Systems and Processes – Transformation Drivers

CRM Systems and processes are a cornerstone of enterprise business operations, particularly in a highly competitive landscape for customers from local and foreign, traditional and emerging competitors. How do you know if and when it is time for CRM Systems transformation? What are the factors an enterprise to consider to help make a restructuring and transformation decision of the CRM function and related Systems. Here are the CRM Systems and Processes Transformation Drivers.

  1. CRM Systems and processes are disjointed, silo’ed and complex.
  2. A 360 degree view of customers is difficult and takes too much effort.
  3. Sales team needs to log into multiple systems to accomplish basic tasks.
  4. CRM related decisions are made by hunch and gutfeel rather than timely and actionable data
  5. Cost of managing the CRM function is spiraling out of control
  6. The concepts and benefits of social CRM are not easy to integrate and harness
  7. The CRM Systems are replete with non-standard and ad hoc reporting
  8. Multiple and point solutions galore for various CRM functions. No true golden copy of customers, account and transaction data.
  9. Convoluted processes make smiling and dialing for sales team difficult
  10. Customer interaction with company across channels is uneven and not integrated
  11. Effort and cost of CRM systems maintenance is spiraling out of control
  12. Spreadsheet and Access databases galore in every nook and corner of sales and customer support functions
  13. Sales and Customer relationship function seems to be reactive, not proactive
  14. Customer churn data or at-risk accounts are not easy to identify

If you have other CRM Systems and Processes Transformation Drivers to share, please do so.