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HR or Human Resources transformation hub is a treasure trove of information for enterprises embarking on a major HR transformation. offers teams involved in HRMS/HRIS transformation many tools, tips, templates, and toolkits.

The goal of Human Resources Transformation Hub is to help make a complex and costly project a little bit easier. Achieving a real transformation in HR function requires sound HR transformation strategy, a prudent HR transformation plan, a well-thought-out HR transformation roadmap and flawless execution. We are here to help.

Human Resources Transformation Hub – Tools, Tips, Thought Leadership and Toolkits

Welcome to the Human Resources Transformation Hub. Are you currently undergoing a human resources transformation or planning on one? It may be a good time to level set the basics.

What is Human Resources Transformation? defines HR transformation as assessment, gap analysis, and implementation of systems and processes designed to orchestrate the Recruit to Retire value stream. It is more than just implementing a system but involves making a function respond to the dynamic changes in business models, evolving social and cultural norms, and changing demographics of the workforce.

Why should we plan an HR Transformation Program?

Hitherto, HR was considered a recruiter, a record keeper, and a benefits provider. Today, the HR function has evolved into a multi-dimensional service and an invaluable asset of modern enterprises with a seat at the strategic decision-making table.

There are several internal and external drivers necessitating the transformation, including the changing business needs, disruptions caused by digital technologies, a tidal wave or millennials joining the workforce, and a general rise in expectations among betters for a better overall experience.

So to compete in the increasingly dynamic business environment characterized by still competition for resources and constant disruption, an HR transformation program is a strategic imperative.

Is Replacing our HRIS/HRMS system/software a Transformation?

As the HR function continues to evolve, the leapfrogging of the HR systems has heralded a new era centered around seamless process flows, ease of use, rich functionality, and for the most part, a lower cost (thanks to the cloud-based new generation HR SAAS software platforms like Workday and others.).

However, just replacing a system, without a fundamental rethinking of the HR operating model and the re-engineering of the underlying processes, is not a real transformation. The results will not be the same as taking on and successfully implementing a holistic HR transformation program.

So, what type of resources does Human Resources Transformation hub provide?

We are glad you asked! Human Resources transformation hub offers articles and insights, tools and templates, best practices and toolkits for a successful HR transformation endeavor.

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