Product Description

Human Resources Transformation Toolkit is a comprehensive and in-depth set of deliverables which can be can be used by any enterprise embarking on an HR/HRIS/HRMS transformation, and customize to their unique needs.

Human Resources Transformation Toolkit

What do I get in a Human Resources Transformation Toolkit? HR Transformation Toolkit for HR comprises a set of in-depth and invaluable deliverables, many of which are PowerPoint presentations, as well as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.
The following are some of the artifacts included in the Human Resources Transformation Toolkit:

  • Business Case and Roadmap
  • Capability Model
  • Value Streams
  • Business Requirements
  • Operating Model
  • Change Management Plan
  • Implementation Considerations
  • Software Features
  • Vendor Scan
  • Vendor Mini Profiles
  • Vendor Evaluation Matrix
  • Project Plan
  • RACI Matrix
  • Mini Project Charter
  • Program Checklist
  • Work Streams and Roles
  • Success Metrics
  • Training Plan
  • Communication Best Practices
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Reasons for Failure

What is a Transformation Toolkit? Transformation Toolkits are high-quality deliverables, used for any enterprise transformation of essential functions, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, marketing, CRM, and business intelligence. Irrespective of the HR software selected for the transformation, the planning and execution are incredibly complex and challenges galore.
You can customize these specific and relevant deliverables to a firm’s unique needs.

What is the advantage of buying a Transformation Toolkit?

The following are the key benefits of a CIOPages Transformation Toolkits:

The Time to Value:

Instead of spending months of time, and expending tons of effort, Transformation Toolkits accelerate time to value.

Focus on Execution:

The goal is to enable project teams to focus on performance and not necessarily artifact creation.

Cost Savings:

Imagine, the amount of money you can save by using transformation toolkits as a straw deliverable and a starting point. Hiring even a lower tier consulting firm will cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas, for a fraction of that cost, you can get going immediately. And top tier companies can be expensive.

What if we don’t want all the items in a Transformation Toolkit?

The deliverable set is offered at a very low bundled price to make it extremely affordable and eminently valuable for any firm interested in these deliverables. However, should you want individual items, you are welcome to purchase what you need. Please browse Accelerators for all the different items. Or click on the individual items listed on the left.

Can you help us in Customizing the Transformation Toolkit? offers consulting and advisory services to take the Transformation Toolkits as a starting point and customize to a company’s unique needs. The time and cost will depend on the level of customization and the specificity you need from us.
Please Contact Us for further information and a consulting services quote.