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  • it-strategy

    IT strategy for the Digital Age – A Briefing and Playbook

    IT Strategy for the Digital Age – A Briefing and Playbook: A concept presentation that outlines the changing business and IT landscape and provides a framework on how IT Strategy must also change to match these realities, and includes a playbook on how to craft a compelling IT Strategy and [&helli...
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    Enterprise IoT Overview

    Enterprise IoT Overview: Internet of Things (IoT) is quite the buzz these days. This Concept Briefing about Internet of Things for the Enterprise is an essential playbook on IoT ecosystem and trends outlining opportunities, challenges, and risks for companies and IT departments for the ...
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    Communication Revolution – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers

    The Enterprise Communication Revolution  – Chatbots, Chat Apps, and Messengers is a Concept Briefing. The concept briefing discusses enterprise messengers, chat apps and chat bots and how they are important in the new digital, omnichannel world as a critical channel to interact w...
  • devops

    Devops Playbook

    Devops Playbook for CIOs: DevOps has been positioned as a panacea to long release cycles and is becoming popular across enterprise IT. DevOps Playbook is a concept briefing that outlines the new paradigm of DevOps, including case studies and a playbook for DevOps implementation in companies with com...
  • cognitive

    Cognitive Computing in the Enterprise: A Playbook for the CIOs

    Cognitive Computing in the Enterprise: Cognitive Computing is no longer an esoteric lab experiment. Cognitive Computing is emerging as an actual business technology with a vast array of applications and enormous impact. This concept briefing on Cognitive Computing in the Enterprise add...
  • Placeholder

    Blockchain Applications in BFSI Sector

    Blockchain Applications in BFSI Sector: Blockchain has become the new “Plastics” for the digital age – at least for the broader financial services industry. The blockchain is at its core intuitive and elegant, but it is not easy to pull it off. This concept briefing provides an in...
  • Placeholder

    Software-Defined Networking CIO Playbook

    Software-Defined Networking CIO Playbook: One common challenge that CIOs and heads-of-infrastructure face are modernizing legacy MMPLS-based WAN networks in light of significant migration of inward employee facing applications to the cloud. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) could be a p...
  • Placeholder

    Omnichannel Personalization Technologies

    Omnichannel Personalization Technologies: Personalization is rapidly changing the way that businesses interact with their customers. The demand for tailored experiences with products and services has never been greater. This Briefing on Omnichannel Personalization Technologies is intend...
  • artificial

    Artificial Intelligence as a Business Technology

    Artificial Intelligence as a Business Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a lab experiment. It is being used as a viable and valuable business technology. This Artificial Intelligence as a Business Technology concept briefing addresses the potential of Artificial Intel...