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Team Communication and Collaboration Software Business Requirements

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The Team Collaboration and Communication Software Business Requirements comprise essential features, and functionality companies seek in an enterprise-grade software platform to streamline employee communications and collaboration.

As remote work, global locations, and large teams are the norm in large enterprises, the need for collaboration and communication rises exponentially. As a result, a slew of communication and collaboration needs come to the fore, such as message boards, instant messaging/chat, file sharing, shared whiteboards, video and audio conferencing, etc.

Team communication and collaboration software has evolved into a platform and an ecosystem to extend functionality and become the nerve center of internal employee activity and work. Since Slack came into existence and blazed a new trail, the field has seen significant growth and a more intense competitive landscape.

While evaluating competing Online Team Collaboration and Communication Solutions, a pre-built and customizable functionality list help avoid countless whiteboarding sessions or relying on business domain experts for every functionality.

As a project manager or a business analyst, your role is to capture the critical business needs that necessitate the implementation of a new software platform. A comprehensive list of pre-built requirements allows you to start from a strong baseline and customize it to your company’s unique needs.

An enterprise’s typical business requirements for Team Collaboration and Communication software are listed in several categories and amount to about <65> functional features. In addition, it also includes about 100 non-functional features. The deliverable consists of brief descriptions of each of the features and functions. The goal is to offer a customizable, comprehensive list to allow you to tailor it to your enterprise needs. Please feel free to add, modify, delete or combine the list of items.

In addition, we also provide a simple template with a list of top Team Collaboration and Communication software solutions to enable you to conduct a comparative evaluation. The template is blank, is a starting point, and does not cover all the Solutions. You may include and exclude the appropriate tools that are under consideration in your enterprise.

The Business Requirements for Team Collaboration and Communication Software can be used as a starting point for issuing an RFP (Request for Proposal), evaluating competing software tools, and as a springboard for documenting business and technical requirements.

Why should you pay for Team Collaboration and Communication Software Business Requirements?

Good question. Much information is available online – vendor websites, vendor review directories, and analyst reports. Vendor websites are primarily for promoting their wares. Many review websites focus on the overall experience and broad capabilities, not detailed features and functions. Analysts’ reports are expensive and do not provide fine-grain feature listings. Furthermore, if you and your team were to scrape and compile information from external sources, and conduct whiteboard requirements sessions internally, the time, effort, and expense would be exponentially expensive. Our requirements list provides a springboard for you to customize and tailor to your specific use cases and needs.

Fine Print:

  • We do not offer returns, refunds, or replacements as we sell digital products.
  • What we are offering is a generic Business Requirements List. It may or may not fit your company’s needs and requirements.
  • Depending on the software life cycle methodology, you may need to convert the raw list of requirements to use cases, agile stories, and other artifacts.
  • Sold on an as-is basis and without any implied or explicit warranties
  • Consultants and consulting firms have different pricing tiers.
  • The sale does not include customization or implementation help. Additionally, we do not offer any support for digital products.
  • Please review our standard terms of service.

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Team Communication and Collaboration Software Business Requirements

U.S. $99U.S. $299

Licensing Options
Product FAQs

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