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Process Mining Software Tools: A Comprehensive List

Process Mining Software Tools: A Comprehensive List

By: Ciopages Staff Writer

Updated on: Feb 25, 2023

Process Mining Software Tools

This article intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the Process Mining Software Tools and a broad landscape view of the marketplace.

Process Mining and Process Discovery is the art and science of deciphering an enterprise process model by analyzing application log files or, in the case of process discovery observe task workers at work and derive a process model.

How effective are your organization’s processes? If you can’t answer the question with a quantifiable answer, process mining might be right for you. Process mining directly quantifies the effectiveness of system processes, mining through big data sets to determine whether there might be any bottlenecks. Through event logs, process mining software analyzes business processes for patterns that might not be evident in any other way.

Most organizations try to manage their processes, but they’re managing based on theoretical processes — they’re looking at their written processes to identify any potential issues. But process mining software looks at the actual performance of the operations, and it’s an integral part of digital transformation.

Process Mining Software Tools often include process discovery, process analysis, process design, and process re-enactment. Process analysis takes a look at log files to identify any potential issues, while the process design provides feedback and suggestions to improve these processes. Process re-enactment takes this a step further to enhance processes dynamically.

There are many tools available for business process mining, and a few firms are specializing in process discovery. AI-enabled process discovery is state of the art.

For an enterprise, the company’s processes influence the efficiency of the business.

Below is the list of process mining software tools and also select process discovery platforms.

Process Mining Software and Process Discovery Tools List

ABBYY Timeline

Featuring a patented Timeline Analysis Approach and the ability to Raise your Process IQ, ABBYY Timeline is targeted towards helping healthcare providers, insurance companies, banks, and other similar companies improve their internal processes.

ABBYY Timeline doesn’t just look at current processes but also predicts the future performance of these processes, thereby giving companies opportunities to improve upon their efficiency. This intelligent solution includes features such as a transparent pricing process, analytics, data integration, and the ability to scale quickly.

ARIS Cloud Process Mining

ARIS Cloud is a process-driven management solution, which includes process mining services. As a cloud-based solution, it is accessible and extensible, with the ability to have additional resources deployed to it as needed.

Features of the ARIS Cloud include process design, modeling conventions, method filters, content languages, process versioning, release cycle management, content merge, social collaboration, document management, and customer journey mapping. There are tiered packages services: trial versions, advanced cloud, and cloud enterprise.


A cross-domain IT process solution, Appnomic is a sophisticated platform with an emphasis on autonomous IT operations and self-healing. The perfect solution for a company that wants to automate many of its business-related processes, Appnomic has a full suite of collaborative features: machine-learning predictions, collective knowledge, situational awareness, and autonomous remediation.

As issues occur, they are mitigated as quickly as possible, and the machine learning solution can diagnose problems and prescribe solutions for them. Machine learning solutions are inherently more powerful, as they can adapt and grow to the business.

Apromore Advanced Process Automation Solution

An open-source solution with a robust library and a collaborative workspace, this is one of the most common solutions for companies who are looking for an open-source product. This full platform is dedicated to exposing and visualizing real-time business processes, monitor process compliance, and enhance the customer experience. A forum, research lab, and documentation make it easy to get started with Apromore, a well-supported, well-documented solution.

Open source solutions tend to be more robust because they are being developed to suit the needs of the community, but they don’t always have the best support. Companies that need more in-depth assistance may need to go with a commercial solution.


An R library for process mining, bupaR can be integrated into other solutions to improve their process mining capabilities. An integrated suite of R solutions, bupaR is useful for those who want to import event data, analyze event data, monitor processes, and visualize them.

This robust library is perfect for companies that want to manage their own proprietary process management solutions. However, the barrier to entry may be slightly higher than some other desktop solutions. bupaR is most readily used as the foundation for a more extensive system.


The “Intelligent Business Cloud,” Celonis collects and analyzes IT data to develop actionable insights. One of the most popular process mining tools available, Celonis will reveal weaknesses in existing processes, to make the operations more productive overall. Using visual reporting, Celonis makes it easier to see issues with existing processes. It is in use by companies such as 3M, Bayer, and GM, making it one of the most impactful solutions available.

Celonis will use traces of any IT-supported processes to build a map of the company’s processes. They will then model both the optimal solutions for the means and the variants that are in use. Through Celonis, it’s possible to visualize the flow of the entire company’s operations at once, and all processes that are currently running.

Datapolis Process Intelligence

A set of powerful workflow tools, the Datapolis solution can bridge the gap between process management and data mining. Features of Datapolis include graphical designers, easy change management, business intelligence, and reporting, and SharePoint and Office 365 integration. This is a robust solution for a large enterprise, and it’s meant for companies that need larger scale business intelligence and monitoring solutions in addition to their process mining.

The integration between SharePoint and Office 365 is particularly useful for businesses that frequently use Microsoft services. Since it’s an intuitive solution that leans heavily on visualization, it’s also a very convenient solution for employees.

Fujitsu Process Analytics Software

Fujitsu offers a business process management solution that includes process management, process analytics, and an automated business process discovery service.

Automated process discovery services provide an end-to-end view of processes in real-time, revealing issues such as delays and bottlenecks. Meanwhile, activity monitoring allows for the real-time control of the process flows by users, and users can visualize their processes, analyze them, and improve upon them.

Icaro Tech EverFlow

Running off log entries, Icaro Tech EverFlow takes an in-depth look at business flows, with easy to understand visualizations. Analytics makes it possible to drill down to potential inefficiencies and bottlenecks, while advanced analysis leads to the discovery of new processes that the organization can implement.

Asset management, IT service management, value-added processes, and field services and operational processes can all be mined and improved through Icaro Tech EverFlow.

Kofax Insight

Kofax lets you analyze your processes insofar as they impact customer satisfaction and profitability. This all-in-one process mining solution includes process-aware analytics, process visibility, a user analysis interface, and governed data discovery. Kofax Insight functions as a unified platform, which makes it uniquely powerful for overall business analytics. The analytics server, metrics, and dashboard server are all in a single, consolidated system and can be controlled at-a-glance.

This intuitive solution doesn’t require any coding; it has a complete drag-and-drop interface that makes it even more accessible. There’s a step-by-step user experience to guide new users through the analysis, and the entire environment can be customized based on the company’s needs.

LANA Process Mining

An automation and process management suite, LANA Process Mining, is designed to help organizations leverage digital transformation. Demos can be booked to explain further the solution, which includes robust big data analytics, targeted at revealing significant issues within a company’s business process management. LANA Process Mining is driven by features such as visualization, conformance checks, automated root cause analysis, and KPI monitoring. This is one of the most robust overall solutions available.


Minit generates visual, interactive maps of processes, so companies can explore how their processes unfold in real-time and test out modifications to these processes. Minit is focused on the way that people, machines, and software all interact, and can be used to improve upon the overall construction of a company’s tech infrastructure. It’s a highly reviewed, well-documented solution that can be used for companies of all sizes and industries.

Minit’s process mining will help companies shorten their lead times and improve their cash cycles, as it is focused primarily on improving inefficiencies and operational risk. For companies with an emphasis on logistics and shipping, Minit can be a significant improvement.

PAFNow Process Mining

“Process mining made easy,” PAFNow highlights accessibility and a low barrier to entry. While not a free solution, it is an affordable solution. It’s integrated into Microsoft Business Intelligence for additional functionality and support. PAFNow has three steps: discovery (which analyzes your business processes), conformance (which reveals insights from real event logs), and enhancement (which allows for routine auditing of business processes and improvements). PAFNow and Power BI can work together for better data mining.


Since 2009, ProcessGold has offered an enterprise platform designed for data transformation and process discovery. Process Analytics make it possible to directly analyze event log events, while Continuous Improvement provides companies the opportunity to fine-tune and improve upon their solutions as desired. This Process Mining solution has been in the business for longer than many other solutions. (Recently UIPath, an RPA company, acquired ProcessGold.)


A desktop application meant for process mining, ProM a platform-independent, free solution. Plug-ins make the product extensible and flexible, and developers are welcomed to add new solutions to the platform. ProM is distributed under the GPL, as are solutions built on top of it. ProM monitors and analyzes the company’s processes in real-time, and has several free online courses that make it easier to use the product. The free online courses are an excellent addition for those who are new to process mining, and the community is active and helpful.

There are multiple versions of ProM, including ProM Lite, ProM, ProM 6, RapidProM, and ProM 5.2. Companies can use lite versions or older versions of those works best for their organization. As an open-source solution, companies can customize ProM to suit their needs.

QPR Process Analyzer

QPR Process Analyzer targets supply chain management specifically, using logging and timestamps to identify potential issues within the logistics process. Sourcing, transporting, and delivering goods can all be tracked through QPR Process Analyzer, which then provides visualizations that make it easy to see what’s going on within the logistics and handling processes.

Signavio Process Intelligence

With Signavio Process Intelligence, you can mine different models and continuously make improvements that will update your business. This web-based solution is easy to get into, and a trial version makes it possible to try it out before it’s purchased. Signavio Process Intelligence is built for modeling, analysis, and improvement, and it’s particularly valuable due to the web-based platform that makes it accessible from anywhere.

A collaborative solution, Signavio, makes it easy for business partners and employees to work together to improve their processes and analyzes not only the efficiency but also the overall costs of the operations.


Using robust and proprietary Skan Cognitive Process eXtraction (CPX) technology, Skan maps, and models business processes for modeling and simulation. An AI-driven tool, Skan, can drive an organization’s digital transformation through the use of Digital Process Twins and can glean a significant amount of information about an organization’s internal business processes through the observation of digital human actions. Skan takes a deep dive into an organization’s digital traces of work data to reveal critical aspects of the organization’s processes, both known and unknown.

Features provided by Skan make it possible to drive process transparency, streamline decision-making, continuously calibrate enterprise operations, propel optimal automation, and synchronize human and bot teams. Through these improvements, organizations can embark upon streamlined and improved business processes, which marry together their technology and human resources.

Worksoft Analyze

An end-to-end process discovery solution, Worksoft Analyze, makes it possible to document and test process creation. This cloud-based solution can be used anywhere. Processes aren’t just automatically discovered, but documentation is automatically generated, and process testing is further automated. By automating process analysis, companies can improve efficiency and reduce their risks.

Further, companies can spend less time documenting their processes and more time refining and fine-tuning them. Worksoft Analyze is ideal for digging into processes that haven’t otherwise been explored or bringing companies up to new compliance standards.

Choosing the Right Process Mining Solution

The choice of process mining solutions depends on a variety of factors.  Do you want a standalone process mining solution? Does your IT department provide access to backend logs? Do you wish to discover processes by observing process participants?

The above list of process mining software tools and process discovery platforms gives a starting point towards exploring your options.

If we missed any of the process mining software tools, please contact us with details.

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