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CRM Digital Revolution: How Digital is transforming CRM

CRM Digital Revolution and Transformation is an exciting development for most enterprises but could prove to be a scary experience for some companies which are left behind. CRM digital transformation is more than just buying your favorite cloud-based CRM software, even though a good system is an integral of the

Top 20 CRM Transformation Benefits

Before we get excited about the top 20 CRM Transformation Benefits, let us stipulate that not every company will derive all or most of the benefits outlined below. The volume and the value of the CRM transformation benefits vary by size of the company, the competitive factors, customer expectations, sales

Top Ten CRM Software Benefits

What are the top ten CRM Software benefits? Customer relationship management is the cornerstone function in most enterprises and the CRM Software benefits are varied and multi-dimensional. While the CRM Software solutions are a key pillar of transformation, it is but one pillar. So, to harness the true benefits of

CRM Transformation Roadmap

What is a CRM Transformation Roadmap? A CRM Transformation Roadmap, an integral part of an overall CRM transformation framework, is a step-by-step navigation to get your enterprise from the point of departure to the point of arrival, by taking a set of actions, implementing some activities and achieving some outcomes,

CRM Software Adoption Checklist

The CRM Software Adoption checklist is a simple yet important set of principles, practices, and perspectives an enterprise should consider during a CRM transformation project. There are many reasons CRM transformation programs fail and one of the key reasons is the lack of adoption among the key users. The CRM software

CRM Software Pitfalls to Avoid

CRM software pitfalls to avoid is a checklist of items to be cognizant of and address while licensing CRM software. Enterprises are embarking on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) transformation programs to take advantage of the new generation technologies, including but not limited to, cloud-based SAAS solutions, data mining and analytics,

CRM Transformation Framework CRM Transformation Framework is an integrated and practical approach to planning and executing a fundamental shift in how CRM works today and evolving it to the desired target state. Before we dissect the components of the CRM Transformation Framework, please also note that offers a CRM Transformation Toolkit and

CRM Transformation Drivers

CRM Transformation Drivers: When it comes to CRM transformation, there are external and internal drivers that not only necessitate that transformation but that encourage and shape it. These can include digital offerings and insight, cloud-driven interactions, customer expectations, and more. To better understand these drivers and their value, it is

CRM in the Cloud

CRM in the cloud is no longer a fad, it is the way things shall be. CRM was one of the first waves of SAAS/Cloud offerings to change the software landscape. Having CRM is a must for companies, in order to track their customers and learn what types of services

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