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CRM Business Transformation

CRM Business Transformation, as the name suggests, is more than just implementing a CRM software solution. It is more than that. CRM Business transformation, in fact, is an integral part of your digital transformation of the enterprise. So, if CRM transformation involves just bolting on a new and shiny CRM

Customizable Transformation Deliverables

Customizable transformation deliverables help enterprises accelerate project execution and shift the burden from deliverable definition to focusing on actual implementation related matters. Transformation projects, by definition, are transformational in nature and hence mitigating any risk factors will increase the chances of success, across the project lifecycle. The customizable transformation deliverables

Internal Human Resources Transformation Imperatives

What are internal human resources transformation imperatives? The internal human resources transformation imperatives, as the name suggests, are a list of key drivers that are providing an impetus for changing how Human resources function works, along with how to deal with the growing set of challenges and position HR for

Human Resources Transformation Agenda

What is Human Resources Transformation Agenda? Human resources transformation agenda is a list of essential items on HR executives docket in pursuit of HR transformation in the digital age. Each company is different with regards to the current state of HR Transformation and not all items on the Human Resources transformation