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BPM Software Tool Vendors

BPM Software Tool Vendors

By: A Staff Writer

Updated on: Feb 25, 2023



Nintex is a leader in the business process management software industry. Founded in 2006, Nintex provides versatile and robust solutions that help enterprises across all industries create and manage automated workflows. Nintex’s suite of products offers features such as automated approval processes, drag-and-drop flowchart development, robust data connectors, an intuitive user experience, document automation capabilities, and AI integration. Nintex’s platform empowers organizations to significantly increase efficiency and collaboration while reducing manual effort and IT costs. Nintex users also benefit from extensive resources such as knowledge bases, webinars, online courses, and free product trials. In addition, with Nintex’s broad array of services offered through cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments, businesses can streamline their processes faster than ever before.



Pega is a leading software provider for business process management solutions. With Pega’s easy-to-use tools, businesses of any size and developers can quickly build applications tailored to the unique needs of their customers. Pega enables users to create customer-centric experiences based on data insights, efficiently manage processes across multiple channels, and deliver robust automation capabilities to provide organizations with an end-to-end digital transformation strategy. Pega also boasts low costs and simple integration with existing systems – making it one of the best market options for sound business process management. In addition, Pega offers powerful features like rule-based decisioning, advanced analytics, cloud deployment options, virtual assistance technology, and mobile device support – all designed with speed, scale, and cost efficiency in mind.



Bizagi is a business process management software company that has revolutionized how enterprises digitize their processes. Bizagi offers advanced functionality, with features such as comprehensive modeling support and BPM automation through Open APIs and Portals. Bizagi also provides mobile applications and cloud-based solutions, which allow customers to take their business processes anywhere. Bizagi’s products improve the customer experience while streamlining the processes simultaneously, creating a more efficient work environment. Bizagi focuses on delivering top-notch software services with models that guarantee successful process execution throughout all stages of a business life-cycle. As an industry leader in BPM technology, Bizagi sets the standard for how companies manage, create, monitor, and analyze data all in one place.



Appian is a leading provider of business process management and workflow automation software. Appian’s software helps organizations produce quality and output while streamlining processes across the enterprise. Appian products have features that enable users to easily automate, analyze and optimize their Process flows. Appian integrates natural language search capabilities, advanced analytics, automated processes, and intelligent agent technology to provide end-users with a comprehensive platform for managing, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing large-scale operations. As a result, Appian delivers many benefits for its users, including improved quality assurance, production agility, decreased manual resources needed for tasks, quicker reporting, faster access to insights from data, and greater employee engagement. Appian provides an unparalleled solution within the industry that helps companies maximize their potential in a secure yet efficient manner.



Workato is an innovative business process management software platform that enables organizations to connect their business applications and automate complex processes quickly and securely. Workato offers a range of products with features that allow users to customize solutions for their unique organizational needs. Workato’s products are intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective, allowing businesses to streamline operations and increase productivity across multiple departments. Workato also provides robust security measures to ensure data privacy. With Workato’s solutions, companies can quickly access analytics dashboards in real-time to track workflow automation performance and make informed decisions. As a result, Workato is a powerful tool to help companies maximize operational efficiency while driving growth and success.



Kissflow, the leading business process management software company, offers a wide range of products that help companies work better and faster. Kissflow’s powerful features include automation and workflow tracking across multiple departments and hierarchical levels and dynamic data capture through intuitive forms. Plus, Kissflow’s workflow engine makes it possible to create dynamic case-based decisions for efficiently managing large volumes of data. Furthermore, Kissflow’s rich analytics helps organizations develop insights to optimize their processes. Finally, Kissflow has developed a platform that allows teams to get more done quickly while creating transparency throughout their organization. As a result, Kissflow provides businesses the power they need to improve visibility into their operations and unlock productivity gains where it matters most.



Pipefy, a business process management software company, offers solutions to optimize and streamline the end-to-end processes of companies. It provides turnkey solutions to efficiently manage flow and work automation, from request management to forms processing. pipefy’s products are designed for ease of use, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for simple process customization and powerful features such as automated email notifications and approvals. In addition, Pipefy is scalable and capable of facilitating complex processes across many stakeholders within teams or departments, allowing for a greater appreciation of workflow transparency. With Pipefy, businesses can have insights into productivity & performance, automate mundane tasks and ensure that their projects are streamlined from start to finish; ultimately resulting in increased efficiency and improved performance outcomes.

Process Street


Process.st is a leading business process management software provider designed to streamline and automate workflows. Featuring a drag-and-drop design, Process.st offers impressive scalability that can be easily adapted for enterprises of any size or shape. From a single dashboard, users can create whole systems of automated tasks—tasks ranging from simple record-keeping to complex emails and other updates when specific criteria are met. Process.st even allows customers to control access levels for different stakeholders, ensuring that teams only receive the relevant information, as well as emphasizing data security and privacy. Process.st enables customers to utilize several benefits such as improved visibility, enhanced efficiency, and reduced cost — making it the perfect business process management solution for any organization looking to manage its workload more effectively with the help of automated processes and data insights.

Bonita Soft


BonitaSoft.com is a state-of-the-art business process management software company offering innovative solutions that help customers automate, optimize and improve their processes across many sectors. Their product provides users with an interface designed to engage teams and maximize the visibility of operations, helping companies evolve and grow more quickly in today’s digital marketplaces. In addition, it features superior functionality for creating complex workflows that can be managed from end to end, helping ensure the efficiency of tasks throughout the entire organization. It also has excellent control and analytics capabilities that allow users to track activity within any process in real-time, giving them the insights they need to make better decisions when it matters most—choosing BonitaSoft as your business process management solution yields countless benefits – from greater organizational cohesion to greater agility in an ever-changing economy.



Processmaker.com is a leading business process management (BPM) software and solutions provider. Its suite of ProcessMaker products offers an intuitive, user-friendly system that helps organizations automate processes in the areas of Human Resources, Operational Process Automation (OPA), Process Tracking, and Operations. ProcessMaker features a drag-and-drop graphical designer and workflow engine to help customers simplify and speed up their document-intensive procedures, providing a complete view of each task’s status at any given time. In addition, ProcessMaker offers customers more control over managing data while automating specific components such as notifications and escalations. ProcessMaker also provides reporting capabilities to capture progress from start to finish across all processes, allowing organizations to pinpoint bottlenecks and opportunities for growth. With Processmaker’s BPM tools, users can improve efficiency by utilizing its automated workflows, real-time data tracking, secure collaboration with stakeholders, automated auditing, and comprehensive reporting systems – allowing them to streamline their day-to-day operations easily.

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