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Business intelligence transformation (or more broadly data analytics and business intelligence transformation) is fundamental rethinking to remake the data analytics and business intelligence functions. The business intelligence transformation process encompasses defining a business intelligence strategy to envisioning a business intelligence operating model, from designing effective delivery of business intelligence and data services to enabling rich visualization, from restructuring the business intelligence organization to replacing the business intelligence systems.

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BI Transformation Process

BI Transformation Process (or Business Intelligence Transformation Process) is an encapsulation of the depth and breadth of effort required to transform Data Analytics and BI functions to excel in the digital age to support business decisions and transform the company into a data-driven intelligent enterprise. The BI Transformation process is

Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Business Intelligence in the cloud is here to stay. More and more, companies are using Business Intelligence (BI) in a cloud computing environment because it offers a more available, extensible, and affordable option compared to on-premises BI. The transition to the cloud has been made easier by the big BI

Business Intelligence Transformation Approach

What's the best Business Intelligence Transformation approach? Actually, there can be many business intelligence and data analytics transformation approaches, albeit being broadly similar but with subtle differences, to business intelligence transformation. At a fundamental level, what an enterprise is striving is to re-engineer processes and systems on an information technology

Big Data Overview

(Big Data Overview is a part of resource hub on business intelligence and data analytics transformation in large enterprises.} Big Data is a big deal. It is the new “Plastics!”. Do you feel that your business is inundated on a daily basis with massive amounts of data – structured,

Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers

What are the Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers? What is motivating big companies to take the BI transformation plunge? The following are several compelling reasons and drivers as to why it makes sense for one to transform a company's business intelligence systems and processes. Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers Business, as Usual,

Next Generation Business Intelligence and Analytics

It's time for next generation business intelligence and analytics. For many years, companies have relied upon business intelligence (BI) to drive the direction of strategy and discover opportunities based on past data. However, in today’s lightening-paced, data-driven marketplace, conventional BI frequently moves too slowly. Now with the continued expansion of