Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers

What Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers will necessitate a systems replacement and process reengineering? Finance and Accounting function is a cornerstone of your business operations. How do you know if and when it is time for a Finance and Accounting transformation? Here are a few drivers for any enterprise to consider to help make a restructuring and transformation decision of the finance and accounting function.

  1. Your strategy and decisions are not driven by timely finance and accounting data
  2. Can’t measure or fathom the synergies from the recent mergers/acquisitions
  3. Don’t know how much cash is there or there is not an effective way to harness cash
  4. Budgeting is based on anything but facts and data
  5. Forecasting is based on hunches
  6. Cost of managing the finance function far exceeds the value
  7. Navigating the multiple GAAP reporting maze is impossible
  8. The finance function is replete with non-standard and ad hoc reporting
  9. Internal controls are either lax or cumbersome and complex
  10. Multiple accounting and finance systems. No true golden copy.
  11. Convoluted processes that take an army of consultants/contractors to fulfill
  12. Cost of compliance and violations of regulations galore
  13. Effort and Cost of finance and accounting systems maintenance is spiraling out of control
  14. Spreadsheet and Access databases galore
  15. Finance function feels like a recorder of what happened in the past, not an influencer of what to come next.

Do you have any other Finance and Accounting Transformation Drivers to share?