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Human Resources Transformation Agenda

Human Resources Transformation Agenda

By: Ciopages Staff Writer

Updated on: Feb 25, 2023

What is Human Resources Transformation Agenda?

Human resources transformation agenda is a list of essential items on HR executives docket in pursuit of HR transformation in the digital age.

Each company is different with regards to the current state of HR Transformation and not all items on the Human Resources transformation agenda may be applicable. Similarly, the focus areas vary by the type of industry, the geography, the structural issues, the regulatory burdens, and the competition for talent.

As the transformation budgets are stricter and available dollars are scarcer, choose what you include on your HR transformation agenda prudently and invest the funds wisely.

Human Resources Transformation Agenda – Potential Items to consider

  1. Increase HR’s agility to respond to business needs proactively
  2. Improve HR readiness to handle Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Conduct Strategic Workforce Planning with Scenario Analysis
  4. Leverage HR Analytics into key HR processes
  5. Create Leadership Pipeline and Development Roadmap
  6. Enhance Self-Service Capabilities with better user experience
  7. Leverage the investments made in ERP by unlocking HR functionality
  8. Adopt the Cloud-based Human Resources SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) paradigm
  9. Rethink Employee Performance Evaluation and Management
  10. Improve Employee Engagement
  11. Bending the benefits cost curve
  12. Better sourcing and improving the quality and volume of candidate pipeline
  13. Reduce Attrition Rates thru holistic programs
  14. Develop the competencies, capacity, and skills of HR Personnel
  15. Improve Succession Planning and Job Rotation
  16. Create better employee rewards, perks, and incentives
  17. Embed compliance into every HR process
  18. Create better HR reporting framework and operational dashboards
  19. Rationalize the HR application portfolio
  20. Balance HR service portfolio with better insourcing and outsourcing decisions

As in any other endeavor, this is a broad list of HR Transformation agenda items. You will need to pick a few (say 4-6) points based on the magnitude of impact, the complexity of implementation, and cost of implementation.

Once you’ve identified the items, you will need a Human Resources transformation framework to operationalize the wish list items into a clear and coherent HR Transformation roadmap.

You may also want to look at the global HR trends that will set the transformation agenda.

There is more information available on HR transformation. Please check out CIOPages.com HR Transformation Resources and the Human Resources Transformation Toolkit for additional insights and resources to help you in HR transformation efforts.

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