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Marketing Automation and Systems Transformation Drivers

Marketing Automation and Systems Transformation Drivers

By: Ciopages Staff Writer

Updated on: Feb 25, 2023

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Marketing Automation and Systems Transformation Drivers

Marketing – direct, indirect, inbound and outbound – is a key function and a cornerstone of enterprise success. But in many companies marketing is replete with challenges such as silos, lack of automation, and spreadsheets. Today, many companies are embarking on marketing process automation and systems transformation due to preponderance of digital channels, the propensity of customers to research and/or purchase goods and services online, the emergence of new tools and techniques, and the power of marketing to drive audiences.

Here are a few drivers for any enterprise to consider to help make a restructuring and transformation decision of the Marketing function and related systems.

  1. Marketing is still mostly a manual process and the few systems that support marketing processes are disjointed, silo’ed and complex.
  2. An end to end, closed loop automation of marketing is still a distant dream
  3. Marketing teams need to log into multiple systems to accomplish basic tasks.
  4. Marketing related decisions are made by hunch and gutfeel rather than timely and actionable data
  5. Cost of managing the marketing function is spiraling out of control
  6. The concepts and benefits of social marketing, personalization, and inbound marketing are not easy to integrate and harness
  7. The Marketing Systems are replete with non-standard processes and ad hoc reporting
  8. Multiple and point solutions galore for various Marketing functions.
  9. Convoluted marketing processes and lack of data analytics make analysis and measurement of effectiveness difficult or impossible
  10. Various facets of marketing – PR, Advertising, Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media marketing – are not synergistic and at times work in opposition rather than in conjunction
  11. Effort and cost of Marketing systems maintenance is spiraling out of control
  12. Spreadsheet and Access databases galore in every nook and corner of marketing functions

Can you think of other important Marketing Automation and Transformation Drivers? If so, please share it with us and your fellow readers.

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