Supply Chain Management Systems Transformation Drivers

Supply Chain Management Systems Transformation Drivers are some signs your company needs to replace the systems and transform the processes. From imagery of the dark cavernous warehouses, and smoke belching trucks shipping goods cross country, Supply Chain Management has come a long way, thanks to technological advances, and business model innovations. Manufacturers the world over are placing a significant emphasis on supply chain management process optimization and system re-architecture to not be left behind in the race to most efficient and effective back end.

Without further ado, here are the Supply Chain Management Systems Transformation Drivers

  1. Supply chain is still mostly a manual process and the few systems that support supply chain processes are disjointed, silo’ed and complex.
  2. An end to end, closed loop automation of supply chain is still a distant dream
  3. Supply chain teams need to log into multiple systems to accomplish basic tasks of managing the supply chain
  4. Supply chain related decisions are made by hunch and gutfeel rather than timely and actionable data
  5. Cost of managing the supply function is spiraling out of control
  6. The concepts and benefits of RFID, JIT, RPA (robotic process automation) are not easy to integrate and harness
  7. The Supply chain systems are replete with non-standard processes and ad hoc reporting
  8. Multiple and point solutions galore for various supply chain functions.
  9. Convoluted supply chain processes and lack of data analytics make analysis and measurement of effectiveness difficult, and visibility into the flow of goods/raw materials is impossible
  10. Various facets of supply chain management – warehousing, 3rd party logistics, transportation, sales order management etc – are not synergistic and at times work in opposition rather than in conjunction
  11. Effort and cost of Supply chain systems maintenance is spiraling out of control
  12. Spreadsheet and Access databases galore in every nook and corner of supply chain functions

Do you have additional Supply Chain Management Systems Transformation Drivers to share? Please feel free to do so.