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Change Management is a crucial lynchpin for the success of any transformation, and a Change Management Stakeholder Analysis is a critical tool to evaluate the state of mind, power, influence, and support for the impending change.

Change management stakeholder analysis
There are various stakeholders for any significant enterprise transformation – internal business units, employee groups, and some external participants – and all of them are important for the change management effort. Each of these formal and informal groups will react differently to the transformation and the subsequent change management. A change management stakeholder mapping affords the change team to capture how divergent stakeholders react, respond, and adapt to the new normal.
Given that experts like John Kotter indicate that over 70% of change initiatives fail, it is incumbent upon change management teams to mitigate the failure risk by conducting a thorough stakeholder analysis.

Steps in conducting a Change Management Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis:

  1. Identify various groups and individuals who are impacted by the impending enterprise transformation as well as groups or individuals who can influence the change management effort.
  2. Using a Delphi method or a weighted average scoring, assign scores across various attributes such as their state mind, power, influence, level of support, etc.
  3. Document what strategies and communications efforts may nudge the stakeholders to evolve their current stance.
  4. Consolidate and summarize the findings.
  5. Implement the stakeholder management strategies through an integrated set of activities such as outreach, communications, training, peer influence, and management mandate.

What is Change Management Stakeholder Analysis Template? Change Management Stakeholder Analysis is a customizable Excel spreadsheet template to include various stakeholders – either by name or by the group affiliation – and assign a score to different parameters to evaluate their state of mind, power, influence, and support for the transformation program. The template also includes charts and graphs to showcase various aspects of the stakeholder analysis. The change management stakeholder mapping spreadsheet is fully customizable, and hence each company can tailor the model to their needs.

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