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  • Placeholder

    Sample Change Management Plan offers a Sample Change Management plan which is customizable to needs of an enterprise undergoing a major transformation. As companies embark on transformations, more frequently and furiously, in the digital age, the need for change management is crystal clear. Instead of drafting a cha...
  • Change management stakeholder analysis

    Change Management Stakeholder Analysis – Excel Template

    Change Management is a crucial lynchpin for the success of any transformation, and a Change Management Stakeholder Analysis is a critical tool to evaluate the state of mind, power, influence, and support for the impending change. There are various stakeholders for any significant enterprise transfor...
  • Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template

    Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template

    Change Management Stakeholders Persona Template is simple and easy to use the artifact to document the personalities, preferences, and biases of the stakeholders who are impacted by any transformational change. The personas help in planning and executing a change management program efficiently and e...
  • Change Management Plan Template

    Change Management Plan Template Change Management Plan template outlines the content fields which should be a part of a standard change management plan. The change management plan template includes all key headers, and subheadings, and brief instructions/hints on what content to draft. What is Change Management Plan ...