Product Description Change Management Plan template outlines the content fields which should be a part of a standard change management plan. The change management plan template includes all key headers, and subheadings, and brief instructions/hints on what content to draft.

Change Management Plan Template

What is Change Management Plan Template?

The Change Management Plan Template is a practical and actionable template is in a Word format and hence companies can add/edit/modify the fields and add real content. A change management plan is an essential deliverable for a successful change management planning and implementation.

How is this Change Management Plan Template different than the Change Management Plans offered by

This change management template is a simple Microsoft Word document with blank fields for entering content with a set of simple hints. The change team will need to populate the materials in the template. On the other hand, the Sample Change Management Plans are a more detailed and proforma plan based on change management framework.

Template Content Outline:

  • Overview
  • Strategic Context of the Change Program
  • Transformation Program Goals and Objectives
  • Transformation Rationale
  • Change Management Goals
  • Impacted Stakeholder Analysis
  • Leadership Commitment and Influence Mapping
  • Change Management Readiness Assessment
  • Prevalent FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) Factors
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change Management Activities
  • Change Management Components
  • RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies)
  • Metrics to Measure Success


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