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Finance transformation (or more broadly finance and accounting transformation) is fundamental rethinking to remake the accounting and finance functions. The finance transformation process encompasses defining a finance strategy to envisioning a finance operating model, from designing efficient delivery of finance and accounting services to enabling rich employee experience, from a restructuring the finance organization to replacing the finance systems.

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Finance Capabilities

What are Finance Capabilities? Finance capabilities are an abstraction of what accounting and finance function does and can do.  We are using the term “Finance Capabilities” to represent the construct of business capabilities – as in the world of business architecture.  The finance capabilities represent the holistic set of mutually

Changing Role of the CFO

The changing role of the CFO is the talk of the financial circles.  Challenges galore by way of increased regulation, fast-moving, and ever-shifting business landscape, and hyper-competition. The rest of the C-Suite is relying on the CFO's office to provide the business vitals to make data-driven decisions.  While the faint of the

Finance Transformation PPTs

If you are looking for Finance Transformation PPT (Powerpoint) decks, you have come to the right place. Accounting and Finance Transformation Toolkit offers several customizable presentations, deliverables, and templates that encompass various facets of finance transformation programs.  The finance transformation PPTs will help enterprises embarking on an accounting and

Finance Business Requirements: Compiling the transformation change needs

Finance Business Requirements is a compilation of a list of accounting and finance needs to enable strategy, structure, process and technology transformation of finance and accounting functions.  As expectations from accounting and finance functions grow exponentially, companies of various sizes and in diverse sectors are embarking on a finance transformation

Finance Transformation Outcomes

Talking with Global 2000 CFOs and other business/technology leaders about transforming the finance organization, here are the typical finance transformation outcomes enterprises are striving towards. There is nothing highfalutin there, but the simple finance transformation outcomes sought by finance leaders is a testament to the current state of affairs where

Finance Transformation Process

Finance transformation process is an encapsulation of the depth and breadth of effort required to successfully transform accounting and finance functions to excel in the digital age. The finance transformation process is complex, arduous, and costly. All the steps in the finance transformation process are important but some can lead

Finance Transformation

Finance transformation (or more broadly finance and accounting transformation) is not a nip and tuck, but an invasive surgery to remake the accounting and finance function. The finance transformation encompasses finance strategy to finance operating model, from an efficient finance service delivery to fostering rich employee experience, from a redefined

Finance Transformation Innovation Agenda

The role of accounting and finance is changing and here are the finance transformation innovation agenda items that should be on top of minds of many CFOs (Chief Financial Officers). To innovate and reinvent the finance and accounting function CFOs and finance leaders must rethink the structure, role, and approach

Finance Transformation Framework Accounting and Finance Transformation Framework is a simple and cohesive approach to planning and executing a fundamental shift in how finance and accounting work. Before we dissect the components of the Accounting and Finance Transformation Framework briefly, please also note that offers a Finance and Accounting Transformation Toolkit,

Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers

What are the internal challenges which act as a clear and compelling set of Accounting and Finance Transformation Drivers? Here is an extensive list of such internal accounting and finance transformation drivers. Of course, not all the things apply to every company that is in the throes of turmoil in