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Assembling an ERP Platform with Best of Breed Applications

Is it possible to assemble an ERP platform with best of breed applications? It depends! A number of terms are being thrown around these days in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) world, one of them being “best of breed.” This moniker refers to the identification of a software package for

Optimizing the Omni-Channel Experience

Optimizing the Omni-channel experience is not an easy task. Examples galore where major companies fail to provide the level of omni-channel experience many digitally savvy customers expect. A globalized economy pushes competition to new heights. While this is often good for consumers, it forces major businesses to face new challenges

Finance and Accounting Software Implementation Considerations

Finance and Accounting Software Implementation Considerations:  As your company implements new financial or accounting software, it embarks on a transformation that goes beyond the software itself. This sort of organizational shift comes with an array of implementation challenges, but if you understand the main challenges, it's relatively easy to avoid

Supply Chain Software Implementation Considerations

Supply Chain Software Implementation Considerations: Selecting and implementing supply chain software for an enterprise is a major decision, and not just because these kinds of applications require significant resources to set up. The software application that a company selects will manage the company’s entire supply chain, which will have ripple

Application Portfolio Rationalization – A playbook for the CIOs

Application Portfolio Rationalization is not just a buzz word, and it is not just for mega corporations – it is a business imperative that needs to be tackled head-on by more small and medium sized businesses as well as the very large. application portfolio rationalization can improve your bottom line

CRM Software Adoption Checklist

The CRM Software Adoption checklist is a simple yet important set of principles, practices, and perspectives an enterprise should consider during a CRM transformation project. There are many reasons CRM transformation programs fail and one of the key reasons is the lack of adoption among the key users. The CRM software

Business Requirements Gathering Methods

The business requirements gathering methods are dime a dozen and there is no universal answer to what is right. It is par for the course, and different strokes for different folks. A business requirement is the comprehensive detail of business activity and interactions. These details are important for the fulfillment