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Change Management Principles for the Digital Age

Digital is not just a technology revolution, but a fundamentally new way of doing business, and hence the change management principles for the digital age must evolve as well. Indeed, change management is changing - for the better. The change management principles for the digital age vary based on company-specific factors

Change Management versus Change Control

In business circles in general, and project management realm, in particular, the term "Change" is bandied about concerning both Change Management and Change Control.  The term change management is often used interchangeably.  As is usually the case, two terms that are synonymous, but two disciplines that are vastly different can

Change Management Definitions

There are several change management definitions and the meaning and essence are dependent on the unique vantage point of the proponent. Several change experts who come from academia or the discipline of psychology tend to focus more on the attitudinal change, whereas the business gurus tend to focus on the

Change Management Planning Template Change Management Planning template outlines the table of contents which are a part of a standard enterprise transformation change management plan.  The change management planning template includes all key headers and brief instructions/hints. We all recognize the importance of change management, particularly in transformation programs. offers several change

Change Management Process for the Digital Age

Transformation Change Management Process for the digital age needs to leapfrog to reflect the realities of the new era. In this digital economy, change is fast, fleeting, and furious. Enterprises, big or medium or small, are struggling with how to cope with change. Here is why the change management process

Change Management Approaches

Change is hard, and hence change management as an integral part of any enterprise transformation has to be front and center. There are several change management principles, change management models, and also sample change management plans. (To level set, here is the definition of change management.) While it is essential to

Top Change Management Quotes

The Change Management Quotes from historically famous individuals are a great reminder of what change is all about and how to manage it. Change is hard, and Change Management is hard.  While trying to institute a change program as a part of an organizational transformation, it is essential to think

Organizational Change Management Models

What are Change Management Models? Change Management Models are frameworks which typically encapsulate a methodology, a content metamodel, and an approach to achieve the transformation change objectives and foster adoption and acceptance of the new desired state. There are numerous change management models from which an enterprise may choose. Each

Top Change Management Thought Leaders

Who are the top change management thought leaders? Here is the take of We admit that any list of top change management thought leaders is subjective and may involve some glaring omissions. However, if you are embarking on a change management endeavor, learning about the change management thought leaders

Change Management Principles

Today, in the digital age, we need a new set of change management principles, practices, and perspectives to help organizations manage transformational change effectively and efficiently.  The advent of the digital age and digital technologies has both a positive effect as well as severe strains on companies of transforming fast and