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Supply Chain transformation is fundamental rethinking to remake the supply chain management functions. The supply chain transformation process encompasses defining a supply chain management strategy to envisioning a supply chain operating model, from designing effective delivery of supply chain services to enabling optimal procurement experiences, from restructuring the supply chain organization to replacing the supply chain systems.

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Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Transformation Consulting

Picking the right Supply Chain Transformation consulting partner is a critical step for the success of a major supply chain transformation program. A Supply Chain transformation, particularly in large companies, is more than just implementing a Supply Chain software solution. An actual SCM change program entails a complete and foundational

Supply Chain Transformation Process

Supply Chain Transformation Process is an encapsulation of the depth and breadth of effort required to transform Supply Chain functions to excel in the digital age to support the needs of an omnichannel world. The Supply Chain Transformation process is complicated, arduous, and costly. All the steps in the Supply

Supply Chain KPIs – Metrics and measures of Supply Chain Performance

What are Supply Chain KPIs? Supply Chain KPIs (Key performance indicators) are the metrics and measures that help supply chain professionals monitor the efficacy and efficiency of various supply chain processes. The Supply chain KPIs specifically refer to the top few metrics that have a significant bearing on the overall

Digital Supply Chain Technologies

Digital Supply Chain is an important and evolving paradigm driven by a set of new generation technologies and influenced by the new wave of business models that are demanding more from the supply chain. Of course, digital is the latest buzzword and it seems like everything is going digital and

Supply Chain Transformation Overview

{Supply chain transformation overview from is a hub of many resources for enterprises embarking on transforming their supply chain, including customizable deliverable.} Worldwide, supply chain transformation has become a strategic imperative for firms to embrace the new economy. The worldwide expansion of the internet has highly propelled E-Commerce, which

Supply Chain Transformation Drivers

{ supply chain transformation drivers is a hub of resources for enterprises on a supply chain transformation program, including customizable deliverables.} There are many imperatives and supply chain transformation drivers. Few segments are seeing a transformation equal to that of logistics and the traditional supply chain. Technology is, of course,

Digital Supply Chains: A Transformational Technology

As with other areas of the value chain, Digital supply chains are a game changer for supply chain transformation. Most enterprises are grappling with the digital transformation of the supply chain and how to adopt and evolve. However, a recent global study shows that not all companies are dealing with

Robotic Process Automation in the Supply Chain

What is Robotic Process Automation in the supply chain? How does it impact the supply chain and transform the current way of doing things? Instead of paranoia about the coming of robots, it behooves enterprises to understand the impact of RPA and implications for their future state supply chain transformation.

Supply Chain Software Implementation Considerations

Supply Chain Software Implementation Considerations: Selecting and implementing supply chain software for an enterprise is a major decision, and not just because these kinds of applications require significant resources to set up. The software application that a company selects will manage the company’s entire supply chain, which will have ripple

Supply Chain Transformation

A question paramount on CIOs mind who are engaged in Supply Chain Transformation is "What are the key considerations, challenges, and best practices to follow?"  The supply chain is the backbone of any enterprise. Most supply chains suffer from an entropic progression towards disorder over time. This transformation is often