Finance Organizational Capabilities ListWhat are the core finance organizational capabilities of a world-class accounting and finance function?  From a nomenclature point of view, what we are referring to here is not the business architecture related business capabilities model, but more of the accounting and finance organizational capabilities, as in the functional and structural components. (Finance business capabilities model builds on similar constructs and concepts, but a capability map is more of an abstract decomposition of the underlying capabilities into granular entities.)

Today, the demands on the accounting and finance functions have increased tremendously. The CFO role has evolved and the accounting and finance functions followed suit.  The C-suite relies on accounting and finance for keeping a pulse on the business vitals, deployment of capital, prudent management of cash and assets, agile support for corporate actions and special situations, and financial data for better decision making.

Finance Organizational Capabilities:

The following are the critical organizational capabilities listed in alphabetical order.

Accounting and Finance Operations
Business Enablement and Decision Support
Capital Budgeting
Cost Accounting
Credit Management
Financial Accounting
Financial Audit
Financial Closing
Financial Strategy and Planning
Management Accounting
Regulatory Reporting
Shareholder Relations
Treasury Management


World-class finance organization should try to excel at these capabilities to transform the accounting and finance function from a bean counter to a strategic business support function.

How does one use these Finance Organizational Capabilities?

  • Conduct an assessment of the finance organizational capabilities and their maturity
  • Benchmark against peers to understand how your capabilities stack up against competition
  • Chart out a future desired state and craft a finance strategy and transformation roadmap Finance Transformation Products:

  • Finance Capabilities Model

    Finance and Accounting Business Capability Model

    Finance and Accounting Business Capability Model: The Finance and Accounting business capability model is a hierarchically decomposed list of Record to Report capabilities which captures the end-to-end entities that span the finance and accounting function. The accounting and finance bu...
  • Finance Transformation Business Requirements

    Finance Transformation Business Requirements

    Accounting and Finance Transformation Business Requirements, a CIOPages accelerator, is a comprehensive, industry-agnostic, multi-purpose business requirements list. The Finance transformation business requirements are a starting point for any enterprise accounting and finance transformation project...
  • Finance Transformation Change Management Plan

    Finance Transformation Change Management Plan Accounting and Finance Transformation Change Management Plan is a customizable deliverable which companies can use to document the change management strategy and plans for an enterprise finance transformation program. The Finance Transformation Change Management Plan includes an overall...
  • 6

    Finance Transformation Failure Risks

    Finance Transformation Failure Risks makes you aware of what can cause failure and avoid the mistakes. Research has established that most major transformation programs either fail or underperform. A Finance and Accounting Transformation program is no exception from the failure risk. This
  • Finance Transformation Project Plan

    Finance Transformation Project Plan

    Finance Transformation Project Plan is a sample list of customizable project planning items. The Accounting and Finance Transformation Project Plan will help any firm embarking on an enterprise-wide finance and accounting transformation and can be modified to meet your company’s unique needs, proc...
  • Finance Value Streams

    Finance Value Streams Finance Value Streams (also known as Record to Report Value Streams) deliverable captures the end-to-end activity flows in the finance and accounting areas. The record to report value streams offers a structural basis to map and define/redefine a stakeholder experience and technology en...

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