Human Resources Transformation or HR Transformation or HCM transformation is not a nip and tuck, but an invasive surgery to remake the human resources function entirely from HR strategy to HR operating model, from an efficient HR service delivery to rich employee experience, from redefined HR organizational structure to HR systems re-architecture.

A real HR transformation is a long-term project, and based on the size and complexity it is millions of dollars of investment. It will take a strong leadership commitment and change management across the organization to make a HCM transformation successful.

In this post, we will examine the holistic and encompassing nature of the Human Resources transformation (HR Transformation) with additional links to more detailed perspectives.

CHROs (Chief Human Resources Officer) Human Resources Transformation Agenda:

Human resources transformation agenda is a list of essential items on HR executives docket in pursuit of HR transformation in the digital age.

Each company is different with regards to the current state of HR Transformation and not all items on the Human resources transformation agenda may be applicable. Similarly, the points are also influenced by the type of industry, the geography, the structural issues, the regulatory burdens, and the competition for talent.  Read More

Human Resources Transformation Drivers:

The external human resources transformation drivers, as the name suggests, are the critical macro factors that are necessitating a rethinking of HR operating model, a reimagining of the HR service model, a re-engineering of HR processes, and re-platforming HR systems. Read More

HR Transformation Framework:

Transforming Human Resources functions are often an in-depth and invasive exercise, particularly as it impacts one of the most valuable resources of a company – its people. Furthermore, the scope and the extent of transformation – operating model, processes, systems – could exponentially increase the complexity and cost. Hence, leveraging an integrated HR transformation framework will help lessen the risk and improve the odds of success. Read More

Human Resources Transformation Strategy and Planning:

Today, the twin engines of digital transformation and the ascent of millennials as the largest demographic cohort are driving the need for transforming the stodgy and old HR function into a hip, agile, transparent, responsive and employee-centric service and a prudent strategy and sound planning is critical to success. Read More

Human Resources Transformation Roadmap:

An HR Transformation Roadmap is a step-by-step navigation to get your enterprise from the point of departure to the point of arrival, by taking a set of actions, implementing some activities and achieving some outcomes, in a planned sequential manner. Read More

Human Resources Digital Transformation:

Like other functions, the human resources function is witnessing tremendous shifts due to the digital revolution. Today, with a host of technologies that are leveling the playing field, plus the rising expectations of employees, particularly the millennials, companies can embark on a rather foundational digital human resources transformation across the HR processes and functions.

Human Resources Analytics:

HR analytics is not another buzzword with the software types, but in reality, human resources analytics involves identifying the behavior trends of human assets and how they can be improved with targeted solutions based on the information collected. Read More

Human Resources Transformation Software Replacement:

Human Resources software replacement is an arduous task with significant implications that reverberate across the enterprise.  The HR function is a cornerstone of enterprise business operations, particularly in a highly competitive landscape for talent. How do you know if and when it is time for a Human Resources software systems transformation? Read More

Human Resources Transformation Consulting:

As HR transformation is a mission critical endeavor, it may be a good place to hire an HR consultant.  Let us examine how to choose the right HR Transformation consulting partner for a major enterprise human resources transformation program.  Read More

Human Resources Capabilities Model:

HR Business Capability Model is an essential tool in transforming the Human Resources function in the digital age. A map of HR capabilities can be the foundation of the process to identify the desired state of HR function and align them to business capabilities.  Read More

The ”Book” on HR Transformation:

Dave Ulrich is considered the champion and originator of the Human Resources Transformation paradigm.  His book is “The” book on HR transformation. offers a variety of Human Resources Transformation deliverables, assets, and artifacts. Please peruse if any of them will be useful to you as you embark on an HCM/HRIS transformation.

  • Human Resources Operating Models Human Resources Operating Models is a conceptual framework that addresses some possible operating models that may be suitable for a company, based on a variety of internal and external factors, as well as the strategic intent and operational considerations. What do I get? A PowerPoint p...
  • Human Resources Value Streams

    Human Resources Value Streams Human Resources Value Streams (or HR Value Streams) deliverable captures the end-to-end activity flow in the Human Resources functional area. For example, Requisition to Hire, or Hire to Retire. These HR Value Streams offer a structural basis to map and define/redefine a stakeholder exp...
  • HR Transformation Software Vendor List

    HR Transformation Software Vendor List is a starting point in your Human Resources systems implementation journey. If your company is considering an HR Transformation, choosing a vendor is a critical decision. The selection process is multi-dimensional, and the decision has an impact that cascades ...
  • HR Software Top 50 Features

    HR Software Top 50 Features: The Human Resources (HR) function is in the throes of a revolution with a wave of new software solutions spanning every niche of HR imaginable. From niche point solutions to monolithic all-in-one suites, there are HR software solutions galore. The HR Software Top 50 Feat...
  • Human Resources Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

    Human Resources Transformation Strategy and Roadmap: HRIS/HRMS (Human Resources Information Systems or Human Resources Management Systems) transformation has become a strategic imperative for many companies. Two factors are driving this change: a) the growing importance of employees as the greatest ...
  • HR Business Requirements Matrix

    HR Business Requirements is a comprehensive and industry-agnostic list of business requirements for an HR transformation program. The HR business requirements matrix helps teams jumpstart and accelerate the requirements gathering process by allowing them to tailor a pre-built set of sample HR busine...