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Sustainability Capability Model

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Product Description

The Sustainability Capability Model is a logical and intuitive decomposition of the manufacturing value chain and functions into granular business capabilities. The Sustainability capability matrix includes about 120 capabilities across three levels. In addition to the sustainability capabilities map, the product includes an overview of the Sustainability Movement and a Sample Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap presentation.

(Note: As the Sustainability Capability Model is a digital deliverable, we do not accept returns or issue refunds. So, please read the product description and the terms carefully.)

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Strategic Rationale for Sustainability:

Enterprises must embrace sustainability due to several strategic imperatives critical to long-term success and competitiveness. These include:

  1. Brand reputation and consumer preferences: Customers increasingly prefer sustainable and ethical brands. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability enhances brand reputation and loyalty, attracting and retaining environmentally conscious customers.
  2. Regulatory compliance and risk management: Governments worldwide implement stricter environmental and social regulations. Adhering to sustainability standards helps companies avoid potential fines and legal issues while managing risks related to climate change and social unrest.
  3. Operational efficiency and cost reduction: Sustainable practices often lead to increased efficiency, reduced waste, and lower energy consumption, ultimately resulting in cost savings.
  4. Innovation and market differentiation: By adopting sustainable practices, companies can develop new products and services that meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and socially responsible solutions, setting them apart from competitors.
  5. Attracting and retaining top talent: A strong sustainability commitment appeals to skilled employees who want to work for companies with shared values and a positive impact on society and the environment.
  6. Access to capital and investment: When evaluating companies, investors increasingly consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. By adhering to sustainability principles, businesses can attract impact-focused investors and gain access to new funding opportunities.
  7. Supply chain resilience: Sustainable and responsible sourcing ensures a more stable and reliable supply chain, reducing the risks associated with environmental and social disruptions.
  8. Long-term business viability: Addressing sustainability issues proactively enables companies to anticipate future challenges, adapt to changing market conditions, and secure long-term growth and profitability.

Sustainability Business Capabilities as the Cornerstone of Transformation:

Sustainability business capabilities can be an anchor and foundation for helping companies gain a comprehensive sustainability perspective in elemental terms. Business capabilities encapsulate what business does, providing a holistic view of sustainability’s ethos and value chain. By leveraging Sustainability capabilities, companies can identify focus areas and develop new ways to instill, nurture, and build sustainability practices. This can involve investing in new technologies and tools to supercharge sustainability outcomes. In addition, by enhancing sustainability capabilities, companies can strive to become responsible global citizens and embrace stakeholder capitalism.

Sustainability Capability Model Deliverables

The Sustainability business capabilities matrix includes the following artifacts. (The map comprises 120 capabilities across three levels.)

Sustainability Business Capabilities Map

  • An Excel spreadsheet with a grouped list of capabilities.
  • A PowerPoint presentation with the top two levels presented in a nested visualization.
  • A Word document with capabilities in a multilevel list format.
  • Capability Definitions (at Level 3)
  • Capability KPIs (at Level 2)

Sustainability Movement – An Overview.

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap – Sample Presentation.

  • Plus, bonus files.

Value of the Sustainability Capability Model

A business capabilities model is a fundamental and foundational entity in the business architecture continuum.

The Sustainability function has emerged as a mission-critical and strategic differentiator in a world facing immense challenges wrought by climate change. The Capstera Sustainability capability map encapsulates the essence of the function with a detailed, multilevel capabilities list.

There are several benefits from business capabilities, including, among others:

  • Foster alignment between all stakeholders using capabilities as an everyday language.
  • Capabilities are structurally sound and internally coherent abstractions of business functions.
  • A capability-based roadmap eliminates redundancy and replication and focuses on capability evolution.
  • Juxtaposing capabilities and systems/applications provide a footprint analysis and can lead to better application portfolio rationalization decisions.
  • Instead of bandying one-word “sustainability,” a capability model offers a holistic perspective of the area broken down into foundational elements.

Created by business architects and domain experts, the manufacturing capabilities list is detailed, in-depth, and conforms to the construct of MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive).

Will these Capabilities Fit our Company?

As a generic, multipurpose set of capabilities list, we strive to meet 60-80% of a firm’s needs, not 100%. Please get in touch with our business architecture consulting team for paid engagements if you need additional customization.

  • Business Capabilities Matrix: A functional area occupies one box in many business capability maps. Some may wonder why we decomposed the capabilities into 100X or more capabilities. We humbly submit that one box or entry in a one-page diagram is Wall Art, not an implementation tool. Decomposing capabilities into a nested list of granular items will help understand a capability’s depth, breadth, scope, and importance. It is also possible that some capabilities in our matrix may not be relevant to you. Similarly, we may have captured and documented some relevant and essential capabilities of your firm.
  • Capability Definitions: The definitions do NOT cover every capability as, at a certain level of granularity, the capabilities are self-evident, and their meaning is self-explanatory. We try to provide definitions at a granular level we think is appropriate. Please feel free to add, expand, or modify the definitions.
  • Capability KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): We added a few KPIs for capabilities (mostly at Level 2) to get you started. You may not measure these KPIs in your company and have an entirely different set of metrics. Again, use them as a springboard, and not debate the applicability to your firm.

And lastly, a note about the cost:

Well, the cost of our capability models is less than an inexpensive team dinner or far less than the loaded cost of a team of four spending an hour in a conference room whiteboarding the capabilities.

Furthermore, avoiding the blank slate syndrome and jumpstarting the capability-building process will ensure you can spend more time socializing, refining, and executing the ideas.

Fine Print:

  • The CIOPages.com Sustainability Capability Model is a digital product. Hence we do not accept returns or issue refunds.
  • A generic capabilities model may or may not fit your needs, or the percentage of which capabilities are relevant will vary widely.
  • Sold on an as-is basis and without any implied or explicit warranties
  • Consultants and consulting firms wanting to use it for their clients have a different pricing model.
  • The sale is for the model only and does not include customization or implementation help.
  • Please review our standard terms of service.

Sustainability Capability Model

U.S. $499U.S. $1,499

Licensing Options
Product FAQs

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