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Bimodal IT in Large Enterprises: Opportunities, Risks and Rewards

Can Elephants Dance? Bimodal IT in Large Enterprises seems like a challenge of similar proportion. Bimodal IT offers a strategy that makes an awful lot of sense in theory. Right now, the questions thrown back and forth are largely supposition with, of course, a great deal of weighed experience in

Clinical Crowd-Sourcing: The Future of Medicine

Clinical Crowd-Sourcing is emerging as the future of medicine and healthcare technologies. The medical field is always looking for new methods to provide better, and less expensive care for their patients. One method that has become more common is the use of clinical crowd-sourcing. The influence of crowd-sourcing in healthcare

Big Data Can Reap Big Benefits With Byte-Sized Data Storage

How can big data reap big benefits with byte-sized data storage? Data centers require a massive amount of energy to support big data. Human interaction with devices is growing at an exponential pace with the help of technological advances over time. Approximately, one billion gigabytes of information require storage each

How Blockchain as a Service Will Benefit Enterprise Operations

Advances in blockchain technology have helped make Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) a viable business solution beyond finance for enterprises. Because the technology is in its infancy, challenges, such as difficult integration with legacy infrastructures and unrestricted public blockchains, are inherent to blockchain technology adoption. However, companies, such as Microsoft

Blockchain Challenges: 5 Hurdles to Beat in the Blockchain Revolution

What are some of the Blockchain challenges that must be considered and solved for Blockchain to fully realize the potential? The evolution of blockchain technology has sparked a revolution that will change how transactions of value, such as money and contracts, occur. It has impacted the financial industry in the

Virtual Immersion: Redefining Reality

Virtual Immersion is redefining the Virtual Reality paradigm. Virtual reality used to be reserved for futuristic science fiction novels and blockbuster movies. This is no longer the case. The future is now our present! Virtual reality and augmented reality programs, software, and hardware are hitting the public marketplaces, and you

Data Lakes: Reconsider How You Store (un)Structured Data

Data Lakes are a new way to store both structured and unstructured data. Companies began talking about "Big Data" for at least 10 years, so why hasn't anyone nailed the ideal way to capture, organize, retrieve, visualize and analyze data? The 3 V's of Big Data--high volume, high velocity and

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