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Change Management Definitions

There are several change management definitions and the meaning and essence are dependent on the unique vantage point of the proponent. Several change experts who come from academia or the discipline of psychology tend to focus more on the attitudinal change, whereas the business gurus tend to focus on the

Integrating Disparate Data Structures to Drive Customer Experience Excellence

Without integrating disparate data structures, it is pretty much impossible to drive customer experience excellence, particularly in an omnichannel world. Customers today have a high expectation of the companies that they do business with on a regular basis. While nearly everyone that you ask will say that they find data

Drones as a Service, Gathering Fuel for Big-Data

Drones as a Service has arrived! Drones zipping through the air, delivering packages their recipients haven’t even purchased yet- that’s a fairly clichéd projection of how UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology and Big Data and analytics will merge in the future to revolutionize not only online retail but many other

10 Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Tech Talent

What are some great ways to attract and retain the best tech talent?  Here are 10-ideas to lower attrition and help build a vibrant tech workforce. IT departments in Fortune 500 companies have the highest turnover rates in the country, with a median tenure of less IT departments in Fortune

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change IT Outsourcing

What is the impact and implications of artificial intelligence on IT outsourcing? The outsourcing of IT brings inherent issues that can hinder enterprise operations, including security risks and slow response times. With technological advancement, artificial intelligence, or AI, may become a solution for these issues. Discover five ways AI will

Transform Your Enterprise Into an Algorithmic Business

Algorithmic business is more than just the future of successful enterprise. Algorithmic business is already here, and enterprises that fail to adapt to this reality run the risk of being left behind by competitors that make the transition. To understand why algorithmic business is here, consider the following. By 2020,

Hype and Reality of Blockchain technology

The hype and reality of Blockchain technology is impossible to analyze given the fast pace of changes. However, while there is immense promise, there are also significant roadblocks. Blockchain technology is the underlying infrastructure behind Bitcoin, and while the jury is still out on whether or not Bitcoin has a

Robotic Automation and Impact on the Creative Work Force

Robotic Automation and the impact on Creative Work Force is a hot topic these days. It's tempting to want to assume that your job cannot be automated. It's not hard to teach a robot to fry eggs and bacon, there's no reason the majority of car repair work can't be

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