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Pros and Cons of Software Test Automation

Before making a significant investment or changing the process, it is a good idea to understand the Pros and Cons of Software Test Automation. The technology world moves at lightning fast speeds. Technology companies are under constant pressure to release new products and updates constantly. The buying public demands bigger,

Enterprise Architecture Software Tools: Drivers and Imperatives

Why should your company invest in and implement an Enterprise Architecture Software Tool? Is your company considering an enterprise architecture software tool? If so, what are your reasons to invest in and implement a tool to define and manage enterprise architecture? What are the drivers and imperatives that necessitate a

Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers

What are the Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers? What is motivating large enterprises to take the BI transformation plunge? The following are several compelling reasons and drivers as to why it makes sense for one to transform a company's business intelligence systems and processes. Business Intelligence Transformation Drivers Business as Usual

Finance and Accounting Transformation Roadmap

What is a Finance and Accounting Transformation Roadmap? A Finance and Accounting Transformation Roadmap is a compass to get your enterprise from the point of departure to the point of arrival, by taking a set of actions, activities and achieving some outcomes, in a planned sequence. Finance and Accounting Transformation,

Supply Chain KPIs – Metrics and measures of Supply Chain Performance

What are Supply Chain KPIs? Supply Chain KPIs (Key performance indicators) are the metrics and measures that help supply chain professionals monitor the efficacy and efficiency of various supply chain processes. The Supply chain KPIs specifically refer to the top few metrics that have a significant bearing on the overall

CRM Business Capabilities Mapping

CRM Business Capabilities Mapping is an invaluable tool to understand the foundational building blocks of what CRM function does and establish a common language between business and IT. Instead of focusing on systems or processes, which are volatile and ephemeral, leveraging CRM business capabilities will help in understanding the current