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From functional transformation – such as HR, Finance, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain, CRM, Marketing, et al. – to industry transformation, offers several intellectual capital-based deliverables and consulting services to plan and execute enterprise transformation.

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Finance Transformation

Finance transformation (or more broadly finance and accounting transformation) is not a nip and tuck, but an invasive surgery to remake the accounting and finance function. The finance transformation encompasses finance strategy to finance operating model, from an efficient finance service delivery to fostering rich employee experience, from a redefined

Finance Transformation Innovation Agenda

The role of accounting and finance is changing and here are the finance transformation innovation agenda items that should be on top of minds of many CFOs (Chief Financial Officers). To innovate and reinvent the finance and accounting function CFOs and finance leaders must rethink the structure, role, and approach

Marketing Capabilities Framework

Companies intent on leveraging marketing as a strategic advantage in the digital economy need a cohesive marketing capabilities framework.  The framework identifies the key areas which are necessary - at varying levels of strength, depth, and breadth – to plan, execute and attain the marketing vision and objectives. The marketing

Marketing capabilities, competencies, skills, features, and culture

Transforming marketing for the digital age is difficult enough, but if we are not clear on what marketing capabilities, competencies, skills, features, and culture mean, we will be compounding the misery. We can all agree marketing transformation is the cornerstone of the digital transformation of enterprises. The marketing function is

Marketing Capabilities driving transformation

What are the features and marketing capabilities driving the transformation of marketing, advertising, and related functions? Marketing is one of the fields that has changed beyond recognition - from the ad men (unfortunately, mostly men in that era) of Madison Avenue to a quantitatively driven omnichannel discipline - thanks mostly

Human Resources Transformation (HR Transformation)

Human Resources Transformation or HR Transformation or HCM transformation is not a nip and tuck, but an invasive surgery to remake the human resources function entirely from HR strategy to HR operating model, from an efficient HR service delivery to rich employee experience, from redefined HR organizational structure to HR

HR Transformation Consulting

Let's examine how to choose the right HR Transformation consulting partner for a major enterprise human resources transformation program. A business hr transformation, particularly in large companies, is more than just implementing an HR software solution. As HR transformation entails a complete and foundational shift in operating model, processes, capabilities,

Organizational Change Management Plan

What is an Organizational Change Management Plan? An Organizational Change Management Plan is a framework, structure, and a process to adjust and adapt to any massive shifts to the current organizational state. Change Management, in essence, is a smooth transition to a new normal after a significant business or technology

Effective Enterprise Transformation Communications

Enterprise Transformation communications are something everyone intends to do. However, only a few do it, and then the only a fraction does it well. Hence, while communications plan galore during transformations, effective communications are few and far between. As George Bernard Shaw famously said: “The single biggest problem in communication

Enterprise Transformation Roadmap

An Enterprise Transformation Roadmap is like the GPS directions go from the point of departure to the point of arrival. Business transformation is an often used word for everything from replacing a printer cartridge, and the word diminishes in value with overuse. However, a true enterprise transformation is a fundamental