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CRM transformation is fundamental rethinking to remake the customer relationship management functions. The CRM transformation process encompasses defining a CRM strategy to envisioning a CRM operating model, from designing effective delivery of customer relationship management to enabling rich experiences, from restructuring the CRM organization to replacing the CRM systems.

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CRM Capabilities help guide CRM transformation

The emergence of social, mobile, cloud and analytics are the drivers for a customer-centric digital transformation of the customer relationship management function. CRM capabilities model (or customer relationship management capabilities map) is an essential tool for understanding what CRM function does and can do and then be able to identify

Transforming Customer Experience – 9 Steps to Success

Transforming customer experience is the nirvana and holy grail of digital transformation. While it is easy to want to optimize user experience, it not that simple or straightforward. Let’s first establish what is not transforming the customer experience: Nicely designed web pages are not customer experience. Don’t get us wrong! Implementation Partners

Which one of the implementation partners and consultants should you select for your enterprise CRM transformation? This is not as simple as it sounds as there are many implementation partners of all stripes, sizes, costs and solutions. Choosing the right business consultant or IT services partner is important

CRM Digital Revolution: How Digital is transforming CRM

CRM Digital Revolution and Transformation is an exciting development for most enterprises but could prove to be a scary experience for some companies which are left behind. CRM digital transformation is more than just buying your favorite cloud-based CRM software, even though a good system is an integral of the

Top 20 CRM Transformation Benefits

Before we get excited about the top 20 CRM Transformation Benefits, let us stipulate that not every company will derive all or most of the benefits outlined below. The volume and the value of the CRM transformation benefits vary by size of the company, the competitive factors, customer expectations, sales

CRM Transformation Consulting Partner

Firstly, ask yourself do you need a CRM transformation consulting partner? Given the high stakes, massive investment, and lack of specific skills most enterprises supplement and complement their internal teams with a consulting or IT services partner in key initiatives such as a CRM transformation. Assuming you fit the mold

CRM Transformation Strategy

A good CRM transformation strategy is worth its weight in gold. That said what makes a CRM transformation strategy good? And what are the components of a good CRM transformation strategy? Let’s dig in so that you can craft a compelling CRM Strategy and make your transformation a big success.

CRM Transformation Program

The broad definition of a CRM Transformation Program is a rethinking of strategy, process, data and systems which support the sales teams in the end-to-end customer management value stream and firmly ensconces the customer-first philosophy. Before you buy a CRM system and bolt on to your existing IT landscape, it

Successful CRM Transformation Program Design

What are the underpinnings of a successful CRM Transformation Program Design? It is all about approaching CRM transformation as a combination of thoughtful CRM Strategy, re-engineered and optimized CRM processes, rearchitected CRM systems, and flawless CRM and Sales operations. Unless one has been living under a rock, the last decade

Top Ten CRM Software Benefits

What are the top ten CRM Software benefits? Customer relationship management is the cornerstone function in most enterprises and the CRM Software benefits are varied and multi-dimensional. While the CRM Software solutions are a key pillar of transformation, it is but one pillar. So, to harness the true benefits of